They are more modern, dynamic and fresh, to better reflect the experiences we deliver to our clients and our core values, expertise and personality: trusted, innovative, impactful, sophisticated, agile.

Our team carefully created our new logo to represent a universe, expressing that, whatever the challenge: We make it happen.

We continue our mission to help Swiss organisations to leverage technology to thrive locally and globally, from healthcare, to manufacturing, luxury and watchmaking, public sector, energy, hospitality, real estate, financial services and telco.

About OWT

OWT is a strategy and technology consulting firm. We are driven by the belief that only through mastering and advancing technology can Swiss companies and organizations compete and thrive globally, support partner businesses locally, and improve the lives of Swiss citizens.

Experiencing remarkable growth each year, we comprise a team of over 200 seasoned industry experts, technology specialists, and creative innovators. In our cross-functional project teams, we synergize these diverse capabilities to serve our clients with passion, integrity, and honesty.

Since January 2016, we have been a brand of Swisscom Digital Technology SA, a Swisscom subsidiary with the goal of becoming a leading provider of digital transformation consulting services for enterprises and SMEs in Switzerland. Our focus extends across various industries, including Healthcare, Manufacturing, Luxury, Watchmaking, Public Sector, Energy, Hospitality, Real estate, Financial services, and Telecommunications.

Media contact

Jean-Luc Jaquier
Partner & Head of Marketing
+41 79 301 45 05

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