One may believe that the acceleration of digitalisation within the healthcare sector was caused due to the current pandemic, however, we have observed that this trend has begun long before the current events: over the years healthcare companies have invested into digital solutions as they enhance the quality of care, increase the efficiency of processes and reduce costs. Now, with the prevailing need for social distancing we are convinced that it is time - now more than ever - that the medical sector invests in digitalisation. And that they do it the right way.

The pandemic has accelerated a digital transformation that countless healthcare providers have already started. Those recent challenges, along with many others, have increased the adoption of digital health by patients and therefore, have increased the demand for it.

For this reason, we will take part next autumn in the Health 2.021 Forum, organized by The Finance and Business forum. The event will take place at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute in Rüschlikon, on the 6th of October. During the first round of workshops, our two digital experts Markus Almer and Stephan Kraus will demonstrate how to successfully design a digital transformation, from strategy to implementation.




Our eHealth expertise

At OpenWT, we ensure an ideal eHealth experience by covering all steps of the patient journey, from pre-stay management to admission and post-stay follow-up. Our patient-focused approach combined with our established experience in healthcare digitalization enables us to provide a seamless experience, answering today’s expectations of a patient journey.

More specifically, our expertise covers the following topics : 

  • We drive the adoption and integration of HL7 FHIR model for the exchange of medical data, to guarantee quality and coordinated care between different health institutions and patients.
  • We focus on user needs when building medical mobile applications, in order to enhance the remote relation between the patients and doctors.
  • We leverage artificial intelligence at any step of the patient journey to improve the efficiency of internal processes.
  • We master the implementation of electronic signature so that the number of physical interactions may be reduced.


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