In 2014, we opened an office in Da Nang, Vietnam to better support the needs of our client. Focused on development and quality assurance, our Da Nang colleagues help us with many of our clients' development and give the opportunity to the team to discover a new culture. 

Since 2014, the office grew a lot, and we now have the chance to collaborate with almost 50 people. Indeed, thanks to our hybrid work model, it is really easy to work together on different projects, even when we're time zones away! We mostly collaborate with our Da Nang colleagues on mobile projects as they are master of iOS and Android, but they also have great capacities in .Net, Java and Sharepoint technologies. Before Covid, we even went to work with them in person a few times a year, which was a very cool opportunity to discover a new culture. We can't wait to do that again when the situation clears up.

geneva in da nang

Speaking of culture, our Da Nang colleagues just celebrated the mid autumn festival, which is the celebration of the biggest moon of the year and the end of the autumn harvest. This year, there were no celebration in town and no possibility to gather together, but our colleagues had an online gathering featuring internal news, games and even a guitar performance. Also, goodie boxes were delivered to each house to share a mooncake together. 


Their culture is different from ours, but our values are strongly the same. We all believe in serving our clients with passion, integrity and honesty, in creating a company for big doers with big ambitions and in inspiring champions inside and out. Moreover, in Da Nang we also strongly believe in the new talents, which is why every summer we take interns to inspire them and help them discover the developer profession. This year, we welcomed 10 interns during three months, and hope to have inspired them and taught them well.


Finally, we thrive on this relationship with our Da Nang colleagues: they help us deliver our projects at a more competitive price and in a more efficient way. For that, we wish that this office grows even more and continues to support us in our many projects. If you are interested in joining us, you can find all our open positions here

Tạm biệt! 

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