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Watchmaking & Luxury

The subtle art of weaving technology and tradition: luxury in transformation

Luxury brands are moving towards eco-friendly practices and circular economy models, influenced by consumer demands and increasing regulations. Technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and IoT, are key in driving this transformation while maintaining traditions and improving customer relationships.


While 95% of luxury brands saw positive growth in recent years, the luxury futurescape is far from smooth sailing.

The luxury industry is faced with an evolving market, including recent acquisitions and global economic uncertainties. These changes impact how luxury brands operate and engage with their partners and customers, leading to new challenges and opportunities across the entire value chain.

icon Sourcing & production

    In the fast-moving world of Industry 4.0, luxury brands need to adopt new technologies to improve efficiency and product quality. They should also prioritize finding and keeping top talents. These talents, which combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, are key to thriving in this new era. They help maintain high-quality and innovation in products while using automation and data to explore new possibilities.

icon Distribution & communication

    Companies are adapting to Industry 4.0's rapid changes to improve efficiency and cut costs while retaining traditional craftsmanship. The luxury market is focusing more and more on unique experiences and engaging settings, while upholding the important balance between innovation and tradition. Updates in distribution and communication cater to the evolving tastes of affluent consumers and ensure high-quality and memorable experiences in the modern luxury market.

icon Purchase, after-sales & loyalty

    To address the growing pre-owned market and the counterfeit issues, companies are leveraging data to improve operations and customer experiences. By combining digital with physical retail solutions, their strategies aim to engage younger customers through personalization and targeting social values. By exploring new revenue streams, adopting innovative business models, and using the latest technologies, companies improve their purchasing, after-sales, and loyalty programs, securing their place in the evolving market.

How we help our clients

Crafting mastery through digital innovation


Provide an operational excellence

We enhance luxury business with tailored solutions that boost efficiency and sustainability. Our focus includes embedding digital culture, implementing agile methodologies, optimizing data strategy for traceability, and aligning supply chains with sales. Leveraging AI, we refine operational processes to meet the demands of a transforming industry, ensuring peak performance and future readiness.


Augment the customer experience

We elevate customer experiences by seamlessly blending advanced technology with luxury traditions. Integrating cohesive omniretail and phygital experiences, we enhance interactions through personalized content and unified profiles. Our approach boosts in-store experiences, from payment to product discovery, and enhances customer-seller relations via apps like clienteling.By balancing the digital and physical, we transform your brand into a retail wonderland, shifting from selling to storytelling for a new luxury experience.


Bring the power of technology for sustainability

In the luxury industry, we are increasingly witnessing a strong bond between technology and sustainability. AI and digital technologies empower us to hasten our embrace of sustainable practices by fostering more effective and accountable methods.


Keep innovating for the future

We explore new technologies and disruptive topics to enhance the luxury experience and educate our customers about new trends within the Swisscom ecosystem. Our approach includes partnerships with academic institutions, utilization of Swisscom Outpost and Swisscom Ventures, and collaborations with startups, enabling our customers to gain a competitive edge.

How we stand out

We partner with our clients to implement changes pragramatically


Insightful leadership in industry evolution

Our ecosystem delivers expert insights on technology and trends in the Watchmaking and Luxury industries. We deeply understand the unique challenges and opportunities these sectors present. This expertise establishes us as a trusted authority in shaping the future of these transformative industries.


Your way to excellence through our expertise

We are dedicated to exceptional craftsmanship in the Watchmaking and Luxury sector, rooted in our Swiss precision. Our use of innovative techniques and expertise ensures high-quality services. With a portfolio of premium projects and satisfied clients, our commitment to excellence establishes us as the preferred Swiss partner for those seeking perfection.


Technology meets tradition for an superior industry standard

Our DNA is rich with capabilities aimed at boosting operational excellence and enriching customer experiences. By merging state-of-the-art technology with traditional luxury, we create innovative and timeless solutions.

Get in touch with our expert

Yannick Hofmeister
Head of Watchmaking & Luxury
Yannick is a Partner and COO at OWT. He serves as the Head of the Watchmaking and Luxury practice, leading strategic and pivotal projects using innovative business models, transformative customer experiences, and advanced technologies. With a track record of successful projects for the Luxury industry and its ecosystem, he partners closely with clients to provide seamless and personalized omniretail solutions, streamlined operational efficiency and agility, and methodologies to tackle the volatile dynamics of the industry.
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