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Public Sector

Digitalizing to streamline the Swiss public services, for the population and the administration

OWT is revolutionizing the public sector by providing customized digital solutions that transform administrations and their services.


Digital transformation holds paramount importance within the Swiss Public Sector, offering the potential to accelerate services, enhance user-friendliness, and tailor offerings to better suit the needs of its citizens.

At this crucial moment, faced with rising expectations and rapid technological changes, the sector is searching for effective ways to become more modern and efficient. However, this journey is marked by significant challenges that could hinder its ability to adapt and improve. Addressing these barriers is essential to ensure that progress and innovation continue to thrive, enabling the sector to fulfill its commitment to the public in an increasingly digital world.

icon Long and complex processes for the citizens

    The complexity and length of processes not only slow down service delivery but also impede the sector's ability to adapt quickly to changes. By embracing digitization, the aim is to cut through this complexity, enabling a reduction in costs and a boost in productivity through streamlined processes and automation.

icon Repetitive tasks with low added value

    State employees are burdened by repetitive and boring tasks of low added value, which detract from their capacity to engage in meaningful, strategic work. digitization opens the door to automating these tasks, freeing up human capital for innovative projects and improving service delivery through new, user-centered services.

icon Obsolescence of IT systems

    The reliance on outdated computer systems not only stifles efficiency but also prevents the public sector from keeping pace with technological advancements. The modernization of these systems is critical for enhancing transparency, simplifying operations, and providing the flexibility needed to introduce new, efficient services that meet citizen expectations.

icon Pressure on business and IT budgets

    The pressure on business and IT budgets is a significant hurdle, making it difficult to allocate resources for necessary upgrades or innovations. By standardizing tools and reducing complexity, the public sector can achieve more with less, optimizing expenditures and unlocking the potential for improvements within constrained budgets.

icon Citizen's Data security and protection

    Switzerland's public sector adapts to DMA and NLPD requirements for stringent personal data management. These regulations enhance privacy but complicate data access and use, highlighting the challenge of balancing efficient public service with privacy protection.

How we help our clients

Empowering change through digital innovation

Guiding the digital transformation for an efficient Administration 4.0

Guiding the digital transformation for an efficient Administration 4.0

Leveraging expertise in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, our team propels public sector organizations towards a digitally efficient, secure Administration 4.0, ensuring transformative success with a strong track record.

Optimizing business process and solutions

Optimizing business process and solutions

Our team of experts has solid experience in business process analysis and the evaluation of market solutions that can be enhanced to meet specific needs.

Implementing user-centered methodology

Implementing user-centered methodology

Our proven methodology also allows us to support our clients beyond consulting in order to realize, implement, and deploy these solutions, without forgetting the human dimension in managing user change.

A local partner with certified expertise

A local partner with certified expertise

OWT, highlighted by certified Project Managers, ISO 27001 and BIT certifications, ensures unmatched closeness with our clients through our 5 offices across the main cities in Switzerland.

We made it happen

ISO 27001:2022 certification

OWT proudly announces its achievement of the ISO 27001:2022 certification. This latest revision outlines guidelines for creating, executing, sustaining, and consistently enhancing an Information Security Management System (ISMS), which is designed to strengthen the security of the information assets managed by organizations.

ISO 27001:2022 certification

How we stand out

A proven and long-term expertise in supporting the Swiss public sector


A holistic 360 expertise of the Swiss public IT and Digital ecosystem

OWT stands out for its deep expertise in digital technologies, while its mother company Swisscom is renowned for its prowess in IT. Together, they merge their strengths to provide a comprehensive and holistic 360-degree expertise of the Swiss digital and IT landscape.


Modernization empowers

By updating obsolete systems, our company boosts efficiency and security, unlocking new opportunities. This flexible, tailored approach to component deployment precisely meets user needs, setting us apart in the industry.


Automation as competitive edge

By embracing automation, from basic to AI-enhanced processes, OWT significantly boosts efficiency and innovation. This strategic approach ensures we stand out in a competitive market through continuous technological advancement and superior process control.


Data governance excellence

We include data protection principles in all our projects and help implement best practice. We support the establishment of arrangements for the acquisition, transfer and storage of data and develop a governance model to ensure long-term compliance.

Get in touch with our expert

Fabrice Peer
Head of Public Sector
Fabrice Peer is a Partner at OWT and serves as the Head of the Public Sector Practice, with in-depth expertise in public sector digitization. With several years' experience in this field, he has led a number of successful digitization projects, helping government entities to modernize their operations, adopting best practices and the most advanced technologies, to deliver more efficient and accessible services to citizens and government employees.
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