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Navigating the digital transformation journey with Industry 4.0

Manufacturing companies are driving their digitization nearing their tipping point of digital adoption. We assist our manufacturing clients in harnessing these digital advancements to embrace Industry 4.0, guiding them towards streamlined operations, enhanced sustainability, and innovated production processes, ensuring they remain competitive and resilient in the evolving digital manufacturing landscape.


Embracing the digital future: a journey towards Industry 4.0

In the rapidly evolving landscape of manufacturing, companies stand at the brink of a digital revolution, marking a pivotal moment in their adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies. OWT is at the forefront, empowering these enterprises to navigate this transformative era. By leveraging digital advancements, we guide our clients towards streamlined operations, enhanced sustainability, and innovative production processes, ensuring their competitiveness and resilience in the digital manufacturing realm.

icon Supply chain resilience and cost increase

    Increasing supply chain resilience is vital as manufacturers grapple with fluctuating costs and global disruptions. Strategic diversification and technology integration can mitigate risks.

icon Competition from emerging countries

    Manufacturers must navigate the competitive pressures from emerging markets, which necessitate innovation in product development and operational efficiency to remain competitive on a global scale.

icon Digital disruption in traditional industries

    The advent of Industry 4.0 introduces both - challenges and opportunities - pushing traditional manufacturers to embrace smart technologies for enhanced productivity and innovation.

icon Skilled workforce shortage

    The manufacturing industry is experiencing a shortage of skilled labor, highlighting the need for strategic workforce planning and investment in training programs to attract young and digital talent through the attractiveness of a digitalised environment.

icon Cyber security and data privacy

    In an era of increased digitalization, manufacturers must prioritize robust cybersecurity measures and data privacy protocols to protect sensitive information and maintain consumer trust, while keeping pace with legal regulations.".

icon Sustainability and environmental regulation

    The push towards sustainability demands that manufacturers not only comply with stringent environmental regulations but utilise the advantages of ecological production and the circular economy.

How we help our clients

We guide you through the Industry 4.0 digital landscape


Generate new revenue streams with digital services and products

By harnessing a customer-centric approach, we delve into your value chain, highlighting and prioritizing initiatives that drive growth. We guide the creation of innovative business models and digital services that not only complement but elevate your existing competencies, thereby generating new revenue streams while remaining true to your core business strengths.


Reduce costs by optimizing your current processes

Our methodology transforms and streamlines your current operations, targeting and eradicating pain points through a user-focused lens. By embracing digital transformation and lean methodologies, we help you eliminate inefficiencies, with an emphasis on automating or outsourcing processes to achieve peak efficiency and cost reduction.


Capture the market by reshaping into an agile customer-centric organization

Leverage our vast experience to adopt agile and customer-first strategies that position you at the forefront of market trends. Simplify your IT ecosystem through cloud technologies and pave your path towards Industry 4.0, aligning digital, IT, and business strategies to capture and dominate the market.


Leverage deep tech breakthroughs together with our partners

Through our partnerships with leading research innovators in industrial technology, we bring you to the fore cutting-edge technological advances. Our unique end-to-end digitalization offerings not only introduce these innovations to the market but also ensure that your enterprise stands out with patented, market-transforming innovations.

How we stand out

We uniquely support manufacturing companies' next challenges


The only end-to-end service provider in Switzerland

We provide an unparalleled range of services, from foundational machinery to sophisticated cloud systems, in close collaboration with our parent company, serving as Switzerland's comprehensive digital transformation ally.


Methodology to infuse agility in traditional organizations

Our weekly iterative cycles ensure rapid alignment of expectations, foster incremental development, and promote inclusive stakeholder engagement, from the executive suite to the operational floor.


Holistic approach in delivering high value through digital experience

We offer an unbiased evaluation to pinpoint optimal solutions, drawing from a reservoir of real-world experience to craft strategies that deliver tangible, high-value digital outcomes.

Get in touch with our expert

Philippe Hefti
Head of Manufacturing
Philippe Hefti is Partner at OWT and is responsible for the Manufacturing practice, steering numerous critical projects in the realm of manufacturing digitization and innovation. His expertise spans a wide array of initiatives, including smart customer experience, smart product, IoT integration, servitization, and AI applications for process improvement and quality assurance in the manufacturing sector.
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