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Hospitality & Real Estate

Real estate at a pivotal point in its digitalization journey

The Swiss real estate industry, vital for the economy and high living standards, drives GDP growth and supports urban development and tourism while promoting sustainability and tech integration. Yet, it contends with regulatory hurdles, rising costs, and the need for innovation to meet market and sustainability demands, calling for strategic investments and tech adaptation to remain competitive.


In Switzerland, the real estate sector grapples with challenges like adapting to stringent regulations, managing rising costs, and embracing sustainability.

Key trends we are observing include the integration of AI and automation to enhance efficiency, the modernization of legacy systems to stay competitive, and a heightened focus on data security and privacy in response to increasing digitalization. These dynamics necessitate a careful balance between innovation and adherence to high standards of living and operational excellence in the Swiss real estate market.

icon AI interaction and automation

    From streamlining property management tasks and enhancing customer service through chatbots and AI-driven communication tools, to sophisticated analytics for market trends and investment opportunities, AI and automation not only optimize operational efficiencies but also refine decision-making processes.

icon Legacy systems modernization

    Modernizing legacy systems in real estate is challenging due to the industry's dependence on complex, established networks for operations and data management. These outdated systems face interoperability issues, hindering seamless integration with new technologies and leading to vendor lock-in frustrations. This issue is magnified by the rise of proptech startups, whose agility and innovative solutions are redefining standards for efficiency, user experience, and data-driven decision-making.

icon Data security and privacy

    Data protection is crucial not only for regulatory compliance but also for maintaining client trust and the industry's reputation. Real estate businesses must prioritize advanced security measures to protect data integrity and confidentiality in the evolving digital landscape. This includes updating legacy systems, enhancing online platforms, securing digital transactions, and managing AI risks to mitigate data breaches and cyber threats.

How we help our clients

Empowering real estate with pragmatic solutions

Optimizing operations with AI & automation integration

Optimizing operations with AI and automation integration

Identify the right use cases with the highest value and deploy custom AI solutions to streamline operations, enhance customer interactions, and optimize decision-making, ensuring competitive advantage.

Boosting customer experience with streamlined interactions

Boosting customer experience with streamlined interactions

Design and build enhanced client interactions through intuitive interfaces, personalized self-service features, elevating satisfaction and loyalty whilst reducing the time and effort spent on customer interactions.

Crafting compliance & privacy strategy solutions

Crafting compliance and privacy strategy solutions

Data privacy assessment and advisory to navigate complex data privacy laws with our expert consulting, keeping your operations compliant and secure.

Integrating suppliers to enhance management

Integrating suppliers to enhance management

Design modern, flexible and scalable integrations with suppliers and third-party services, enhancing operational efficiency and collaboration across your property management ecosystem.

Modernizing legacy systems to improve performance

Modernizing legacy systems to improve performance

Defining and executing the right plan to upgrading outdated systems to meet objectives such as better performance, integrating with cloud, mobile, and analytics technologies.

We made it happen

A seamless tenant journey

Leveraging Azure OpenAI, a property management firm transformed tenant service, seamlessly managing 250,000 monthly interactions. Automating ticket creation and precisely addressing requests, they provided a personalized, multi-lingual efficient experience using Whatsapp, significantly enhancing tenant satisfaction.

A seamless tenant journey

How we stand out

OWT, a trusted partner of choice


Proven track record of success

With a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients, OWT demonstrates its expertise and commitment to excellence in real estate management and hospitality.


Pragmatic agility

Delivering tangible value and achieving goals efficiently, in small iterations, navigating constraints like budget and time without sacrificing innovation or quality to maximize ROI.


Custom integrations

Cost efficient approaches? We have the expertise to advice, but also to build. Technology agnostic, we can develop custom solutions or integrations between market products.

Get in touch with our expert

Joël Gardet
Head of Hospitality & Real Estate
Joël Gardet is a seasoned expert in the digital transformation of the real estate industry. With a track record of successful projects for property management companies and hotel chains, he brings valuable insights to the table. Additionally, Joël served as a board member for a PropTech startup, further demonstrating his commitment to innovation in the field.
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