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Revolutionizing healthcare through digitalization

By leveraging our in-depth healthcare expertise, we champion digital technology to enhance the efficiency of healthcare systems and improve patient care.


The Swiss healthcare system, although celebrated for its worldwide excellence, is on the verge of reaching its limits.

Switzerland consistently secures top global rankings for the quality of healthcare it provides. The healthcare workforce is highly qualified, and the infrastructure ranks among the best on the planet. However, this optimistic portrayal is being overshadowed by significant challenges that are anticipated to grow increasingly critical in the years ahead. Healthcare costs are escalating and spiraling out of control. The population is expanding and aging, necessitating an ever-increasing demand for healthcare services — all within a system that foresees a significant shortage of professionals in the coming years.

9.5-10.5 mio

inhabitants in Switzerland by 2050, according to the Swiss Federal Statistical Office. This represents a staggering increase of 5-20% from today's numbers. Digitalisation will become critical to keep up with the healthcare demand.


increase in health insurance premiums for 2024. Adopting digital solutions to improve efficiency and control expenses without compromising care quality becomes essential.


is Switzerland’s ranking in the Digital-Health-Index, out of 17 countries (by Bertelsmann Stiftung’s Digitalisation). The Swiss healthcare system is among the sectors where Switzerland still lags behind in terms of digitalization. We have huge room for improvement.

How we help our clients

Digitalization is crucial for a sustainable healthcare future

Enhancing Swiss healthcare

Enhancing Swiss healthcare

Digitalization emerges as a pivotal solution to enhance the efficiency of the Swiss healthcare ecosystem, improving the patient journey, supporting healthcare professionals, and ultimately leading to better care and patient outcomes.

Improving digital patient experience

Improving digital patient experience

Digitalization transforms the patient journey by making it easy and simple for patients to navigate through the complex world of healthcare, enhancing prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and aftercare for optimal health management.

Optimizing care providers’ efficency

Optimizing care providers’ efficency

Enhancing healthcare with AI and automation minimizing admin work for caregivers, aiding in decision-making and prioritizing patient care.

Enabling healthcare networks for better patient care

Enabling healthcare networks for better patient care

Making healthcare more interconnected (patient data aggregation, shared care plan, shared medication plan) to improve patient treatment and supports the work of healthcare professionals.

We made it happen

Software as a Medical Device

OWT secures EN ISO 13485:2016 certification, highlighting our commitment to quality in medical software. This achievement emphasizes our dedication to healthcare safety and innovation.

Software as a Medical Device

How we stand out

We are leading the digitalization of healthcare in Switzerland


We are certified ISO 13485 for the development of medical devices and ISO 27001 for security

OWT combines ISO 13485 for medical device development and ISO 27001:2022 certifications to offer secure, high-quality medical-grade solutions, underlining our dedication to health and security.


We provide a holistic 360° understanding of the Swiss digital health ecosystem

At OWT, we have undertaken over 150 healthcare projects, providing a comprehensive range of end-to-end services. Our expertise extends to assisting various healthcare entities, including hospitals, clinics, medtechs, labs, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers. With a holistic 360° understanding of the Swiss digital health ecosystem, we design and deliver solutions that effectively address the challenges and meet the specific needs of Switzerland’s healthcare system.


We lead Switzerland's digital health evolution

Within Switzerland's strong digital health ecosystem, our company, empowered by Swisscom’s IT leadership in hospital services, emerges as a leader, blending innovation with security to elevate healthcare standards and patient care. When it comes to our Healthcare Excellence Practice we are proud of having prioritized security & quality in all our projects.

Get in touch with our expert

Jean-Luc Jaquier
Head of Healthcare
Jean-Luc Jaquier is a Partner at OWT and serves as Head of the Healthcare Practice, leading various pivotal projects in digital healthcare transformation. His expertise encompasses initiatives such as patient journey and experience, EHR implementation, shared care plans, patient and doctor portals, telemedicine, and AI for both patients and health professionals.
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