Industries we excel in

Our deep industry insights spanning healthcare, manufacturing, luxury and more enable us to pinpoint core business challenges and deliver tailored end-to-end transformations that align with your industry's unique needs and prospects.

Revolutionizing healthcare through digitalization


Digitalizing the healthcare ecosystem, from hospitals and clinics, to pharmas, MedTech, labs and insurance.
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Navigating the digital transformation journey with Industry 4.0


Assisting manufacturers to embrace Industry 4.0 by enhancing operations and sustainability through digital advancements.
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The subtle art of weaving technology and tradition: luxury in transformation

Watchmaking & Luxury

Advancing eco-friendly practices in luxury brands using AI and IoT, while preserving traditions and customer relationships.
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Digitalizing to streamline the Swiss public services, for the population and the administration

Public Sector

Transforming interactions in the public industry with customized digital solutions, revolutionizing service delivery.
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Real estate at a pivotal point in its digitalization journey

Hospitality & Real Estate

Developing compelling experiences for guests, tenants and the back office operators to enhance satisfaction and efficiency.
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Digital trust at the heart of the financial services sector in Switzerland

Financial Services

Maximizing business value through scaled solutions for financial institutions while embracing digital transformation.
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Driving Switzerland’s energy transition through digitization


Empowering the transition to a low-carbon future through the implementation of digital innovations.
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