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Technology Strategy & Execution Advisory

Mastering digital transformation programs

In the complex world of digital transformation, we stand as your guide, offering clear, actionable insights. With a 360° assessment as our starting point, we aim to fast-track your digital journey and improve the effectiveness of your transformation programs.


Driving effectively your own digital transformation program can enhance competitiveness but poses long-run challenges.

Organizations initiate digital transformation programs with the goal to boost their competitiveness. These programs are tailored to meet their specific business needs and constraints, ensuring adaptability and seamless integration with existing systems. By evolving alongside business demands, they can stay current with the latest technological and security advancements, and thereby keep pace with innovation.

Managing digital transformation programs internally present long-run challenges such as off-target initiatives, increasing complexity, and program fatigue. Our Technical Strategy & Execution Advisory services offer strategic and actionable insights and manpower to overcome these challenges and help you reach your objectives.

icon Regularly off target

    Many organizations often launch initiatives that fail to meet expectations, falling victim to the sunk cost fallacy and incurring significant financial and opportunity costs. Our approach reduces these risks by continuously evaluating value and supporting decision-makers to ensure that investments remain strategic and effective.

icon Growing complexity

    As digital ecosystems grow more complex, businesses often find themselves entangled in a web of concepts, rules, regulations, and systems. These challenges can hinder innovation and delay projects. Our methods helps to clarify and simplify these issues, offering structured, clear solutions that enhance understanding and efficiency.

icon Program fatigue

    Setbacks and ongoing challenges often drive organizations into a state of fatigue. This weariness can demoralize staff, weaken stakeholder support, and impede progress. Our strategies revitalize your digital transformation program, promoting a culture of creativity, resilience, and continuous engagement throughout your organization.

How we help our clients

Leading you to success in your digital transformation program


Realize your products and roadmap

Our team of experts will help you articulate your vision and strategy, design innovative products or services, and implement a relevant roadmap of initiatives.


Enhance your capabilities

Our assessments will help you identify the right talent and skills needed to accomplish your mission; setting up a software factory to streamline operations; and adopting the technology platform necessary to empower your products and services.


Steer your governance

Our approach will support you in advancing your initiatives and choosing the most effective method for managing your digital transformation program, product development, and software delivery.

How we stand out

A trusted Swiss partner for your digital transformation program


Methodology, expertise and quality

We are recognized for our pragmatic methodology, that is rooted in 10+ years of experience and sensible application of industry standards. We know how to balance user requirements with technological and organizational challenges.


Proximity and reactivity

Our vision is to help Swiss companies and organizations to leverage technologies to support the local economy and improve the live of Swiss citizens. We are based in Switzerland, with offices close to you in Zurich,Geneva, Lausanne, Bern and Basel.


A commitment to partnership

We work with our clients for their success. Helping them from assessment and advices, to the design, development and drive of solutions. We complement you throughout your transformation program with standard or tailor-made services.

Get in touch with our expert

Valentin Marteau
Head of Technical Strategy & Execution Advisory
Valentin Marteau is Manager and Head of Consulting at OWT and leads the Technology Strategy & Execution Advisory practice. Leveraging his extensive expertise and experience, he effectively guides our clients in initiating or advancing their digital delivery organizations.
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