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IT Automation

Unlocking IT operational excellence through automation

Start your IT automation journey to turn operational challenges into competitive advantage. Partner with us to tap into our unique expertise and gain access to a global ecosystem of industry-leading vendors.


Transforming challenges into opportunities

In the fast changing digital landscape, IT automation is a beacon of innovation, pushing efficiency and excellence on every Chief Information Officer's agenda.

Businesses are on the edge of a mission-critical transformation as they integrate IT automation, transitioning from traditional, manual procedures to simplified, automated solutions. This transformation is more than just a fad; it is a strategic need for being competitive and nimble in a digital-first world.

icon Bridge the skills gap

    The shortage of IT talent is a critical bottleneck that is preventing organizations from leveraging new technologies and achieving scalability. The gap between the demand for skilled professionals and the available talent pool is widening, leaving organizations struggling to maintain, let alone grow, their capabilities. Organizations that automate their IT use their existing resources more efficiently and gain significant competitive advantage.

icon Improve your IT service quality

    With the rapid pace of technological advancement, maintaining exceptional IT service quality is not only beneficial, but essential. All decisions, transactions and interactions depend on reliable and effective IT systems. Investing in automation is imperative to increase the stability, innovation and customer satisfaction of your IT services.

icon Overcome the complexity that hampers your productivity

    The productivity of IT teams suffers dramatically as their environments become increasingly complex with a plethora of applications, systems and protocols to manage. This complexity leads to difficulties in troubleshooting, system integration and routine maintenance. Use automation to significantly reduce complexity and thereby increase productivity.

icon Automate the work you hate

    The work we dislike can sometimes be the greatest drain on our time and energy. Get rid of tiresome, repetitive jobs that hinder your creativity. By automating the tasks you despise, you improve productivity, accuracy and inventiveness. Move your focus from ordinary to meaningful, allowing you and your team to concentrate on what motivates you and your company.

Top 5

IT automation is among the 5 most important goals for Swiss CIOs in 2023


of surveyed business executives say that adopting IT automation is “extremely important” to the future success of their business


of respondents agree that in the past 12 months, IT automation at their organization has shifted from a “nice to have” to a “must have”

How we help our clients

We navigate you in your IT automation journey


One provider for multiple use cases

Our trusted team of technology experts seamlessly guides you through the automation journey, whether you’re diving into the automation of application deployments, containers or clouds. As a Swisscom company, we are also your ideal partner for network, security and infrastructure automation use cases. And if you’re venturing into edge automation, our extensive expertise in manufacturing and IoT ensures you’re in capable hands.


Gain the big-picture view with top-level orchestration

We help you to maintain an overview and organize automation tasks across all types of applications, platforms and providers. We can build on proven standard solutions or work closely with you to design and implement customized solutions for your specific needs.


Scale your initiatives with DevSecOps

Partner with us to put your IT automation initiatives on a solid common foundation so that you can scale them at will. Our Solution Software Factory offers "DevSecOps as a Service" for this purpose. These are customized, state-of-the-art DevSecOps solutions that not only streamline your operations, but also integrate seamlessly with your existing systems.

How we stand out

Driving IT automation success in Switzerland with technology and innovation


End-to-end service portfolio

We provide a comprehensive array of IT automation services that address every stage of your automation journey. Our complete approach ensures that we are with you at every stage of the process, from IT automation assessment and proof of concept to solution design, engineering, enablement and lifecycle management. This end-to-end support is intended to provide peace of mind and ensure that your IT automation initiatives are successful and in line with your business objectives.


Proven methodology

Our seasoned consultants follow a proven agile methodology, ensuring efficient project implementation and a relentless focus on value delivery. With certifications in HERMES, SAFe, Scrum, and TOGAF, we elevate your business to new heights. Plus, as an ISO 27001:2022 certified company, we uphold the gold standard in information security.


Global ecosystem

OWT (Swisscom Digital Technology SA) and Swisscom are positioned as a unique group in Switzerland bringing the expertise from a global ecosystem to our clients. We leverage this ecosystem to combine innovative solutions, create added value and meet even your most complex requirements.

Get in touch with our expert

Patrick Keil
Associate Partner,
Head of IT Automation
Patrick Keil is Associate Partner at OWT and Head of Consulting for Zurich. He serves as the Head of the IT Automation practice, steering numerous critical projects in the areas of cloud services and IT automation. He has advised medium and large corporate clients and organizations in the automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, telecommunications and public service sectors. He holds a M.A. degree in Business Innovation from the University of St.Gallen (HSG).
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