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Elevate your customer experience with Salesforce & OWT

As experts in CX platforms, we're at the forefront with Salesforce, ensuring the creation of rewarding digital experiences for your B2C or B2B customers. Our commitment goes beyond conventional integration, delivering personalised, data-driven, AI-powered interactions that follow your customers' journey. We aim to create a dynamic, enriched customer base with a 360° view, positioning ourselves as the architects of a transformative digital journey.


Are you ready to meet your customers' expectations?

In an ever-changing landscape, it's essential to put customers' needs first, and personalised experiences are a must. As a Salesforce integrator, we use Salesforce's CRM, marketing automation and data analytics to meet these expectations. At OWT, our approach is to provide this information through integrated solutions, laying the foundations for our blueprint methodology. You'll be able to personalise customer engagement, improve loyalty and maximise sales opportunities.


of customers expect companies to adapt to their changing needs/preferences


of customers recommended a company based on excellent customer service


of customers believe that all the data collected should improve the experience

How we help our clients

Anticipate customers expectations to build engagement

Unlock customer engagement

Unlock customer engagement

We enhance your customer engagement strategies by activating all or part of the Salesforce ecosystem. By leveraging the power of data, we help you connect with your customers on a deeper level, fostering meaningful interactions that build trust and loyalty over time.

Improve retention and stimulate growth

Improve retention and stimulate growth

Our services are designed not only to improve customer retention, but also to drive tangible growth. Through personalized engagement strategies we empower you to cultivate lasting relationships with your customers, resulting in increased loyalty rates and lifetime value.

Seize sales opportunities

Seize sales opportunities

Maximise your sales potential with our Salesforce consulting services and CX integration practice. By harnessing the full capabilities of Salesforce, we help you identify and capitalise on valuable sales opportunities, driving revenue growth and long-term business success, taking into account the unique needs of your industry.

How Salesforce capabilities can benefit your business

icon Sales cloud

    Salesforce sales cloud integrates advanced AI and analytics, providing a revolutionary Customer 360° view that enhances sales efficiency, facilitates informed decision-making, and enables highly personalised interactions, making it a cornerstone for driving growth.

icon Service cloud

    Salesforce service cloud redefines customer service in a hyper-connected world, streamlining operations through advanced AI and a unified platform, offering personalised, efficient, and proactive support.

icon Marketing cloud

    Salesforce marketing cloud, a versatile digital marketing platform, empowers personalised and effective campaigns across email, social media, mobile, and online advertising. Through automation, it fosters meaningful connections and builds lasting relationships with your customers.

icon Commerce cloud

    Salesforce commerce cloud is a comprehensive platform, integrating digital commerce for B2C and B2B environments. With advanced AI and user-friendly features, it empowers personalised shopping experiences, optimises sales strategies, and ensures adaptability and scalability.

icon Experience cloud

    Salesforce experience cloud is a robust platform facilitating the creation of personalised digital experiences for customers, partners, and employees. Offering a unified space for collaboration and engagement, it empowers companies to develop applications like customer service portals and partner sites.

icon Industry cloud

    Salesforce industry clouds provide industry-specific CRM solutions collaboratively designed with experts, driving digital transformation and enhancing customer experiences by offering specialised workflow and information to streamline operations and improve collaboration within unique industry contexts.

icon MuleSoft

    MuleSoft is an integration platform that connects different systems, applications and data sources, facilitating the flow of information. It provides a unified platform for designing, building and managing integrations, offering tools for connecting applications, APIs and data in on-premises and cloud environments.

icon Tableau

    Tableau transforms data visualisation by offering a robust platform for exploration, and analysis, fostering a culture of knowledge-driven decision-making. Its intuitive design and powerful analytical capabilities empower users to actively shape knowledge, democratise information, and enhance cross-functional collaboration.

icon Slack

    Slack is a modern collaboration platform that centralises communication, fostering real-time teamwork through channels organised by topic or project, and integrates with third-party applications to streamline workflows and enhance productivity.

We make it happen

Our customer experience expertise

Our solutions explore data-driven insights to lead you towards a customer relationship revolution. By integrating market-leading solutions like Salesforce, we empower brands and organizations to create unique, impactful experiences that resonate with your audience and drive success.

Our customer experience expertise

How we stand out

Strategic Salesforce solutions bridging creativity and technology


Trailblazing practice

Our Salesforce practice is a dedicated unit, guided by trailblazers specialised and certified in multi-cloud consulting and integration. Beyond simple implementation, we forge strategic partnerships, establishing roadmaps that transcend technical aspects. Our mission is to be a force for transformation, seeing Salesforce not just as a platform, but as a catalyst for innovation and efficiency.


Fullstack partner

We position ourselves halfway between a martech agency and an IT services company, responding to both the need for creativity and the need to integrate strategic projects into complex ecosystems. Thanks to our experience in software engineering, we excel at extending Salesforce solutions and seamlessly integrating diverse platforms, applications and emerging technologies.


Accelerated success

We focus on rapid prototyping of Salesforce solutions (MVP approach), providing a tangible first iteration early in the implementation process. This agile approach allows you to interact with a working model of Salesforce clouds and provide valuable feedback and information. It also allows you to reap the benefits as quickly as possible.

Get in touch with our expert

Frédéric Demierre
Associate Partner,
Customer Experience Platform Lead
Frédéric leads the Customer Experience Platform practice at OWT and acts as an expert in all business sectors. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the customer experience, he guides companies and brands in their digital transformation strategy. With over 30 years' experience in the IT and agency world, he has successfully collaborated on strategic initiatives for leading global brands.
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