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Customer Experience Platform

Boost satisfaction with exceptional experiences

Unleash the power of data and AI within customer experience (CX) platforms. Our solutions explore data-driven insights to lead you towards a customer relationship revolution.


Understanding and connecting with customers has become a real challenge as customer touchpoints and data are scattered across different channels.

With various interactions across platforms, a unified solution is crucial, providing businesses with the insights needed to offer effortless, personalized experiences. This fosters seamless, personalized relationships, nurturing loyalty and enabling sustainable growth.


of consumers have committed to never interact with a brand following a bad experience


of customers expect to interact with someone immediately upon contact


of consumers want to be able to seamlessly move between channels

How we help our clients

We revolutionize your customer relationship

Shaping the customer experience using data and AI

Shaping the customer experience using data and AI

We unify your data and AI to create new, personalised experiences throughout the customer journey, bringing satisfaction and growth to your organisation.

Modernizing your service

Modernizing your service

By transforming the way your service teams deliver value to your customers, at every touchpoint we'll increase their loyalty and engagement. We'll also automate processes to reduce costs and maximise efficiency.

Maximizing your sales potential

Maximizing your sales potential

Whether it's a direct-to-consumer strategy, B2B sales or a subscription model, we'll simplify the creation of your digital commerce to stimulate and automate sales in a creative, understandable and trusted environment.

Activating your brand

Activating your brand

We'll get to know your customers, so you can build lasting relationships that boost your growth and improve your reputation. You'll be able to trigger personalized, AI-driven campaigns across all channels.

Boosting productivity in your sector

Boosting productivity in your sector

Every business has its own customer relationship management and sales operations processes. We'll deploy solutions and activate specialised workflows to support the productivity your business needs to impress your customers.

How a CX platform can benefit your business

icon Enhance your customers connections

    Deploying a CX platform enables you to improve customer engagement through personalised and automated interactions. You create lasting bonds with your customers across all channels.

icon Have a 360° overview of your interactions

    By integrating data from a variety of sources, a CX platform provides a unified view of each customer. This holistic approach creates a centralised customer profile, enabling personalised, context-sensitive engagements.

icon Amplify your customers engagement

    CX platforms enable innovative customer experiences through interactions powered by AI and emerging technologies. Implementing innovative platform modernises the overall customer journey.

icon Optimize efficient operations

    CX platforms contribute to operational efficiency by automating repetitive tasks and introducing collaboration tools. You reduce manual efforts, enabling teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

icon Make decisions driven by data

    A CX platform equips companies with advanced analytical tools, facilitating data-driven decision-making. By drawing meaningful insights from customer data, you gain a strong competitive advantage.

icon Drive scalable growth

    The constant innovations offered by CX platforms enable you to adapt to changing needs. Implementing cloud based applications guarantees scalability without major disruption.

We make it happen

Our choice for CX innovation

Salesforce stands as the industry leader in CX platforms, pioneering innovation and excellence in customer experience solutions. Explore how Salesforce and OWT will help you revolutionise your customer journey to create new opportunities.

How we stand out

We redefine and modernize your customer journey


Creativity & Innovation

We are a partner at the crossroads of Martech agencies and IT pure-players. We combine creativity and innovation with solid technological expertise to create unique experiences and outstanding applications. We integrate leading CX platforms for seamless, transformative digital experiences, elevating customer engagement, optimising productivity, and driving sustainable business growth.


Data & AI First

By seamlessly integrating, transforming and enriching your data, we unlock a holistic understanding of your customers and unleash AI interactions. This 360° view provides actionable insights into customer preferences and behaviours. These insights not only facilitate targeted, personalised interactions, but also lay the foundation for informed decision-making, strategic planning and, ultimately, an outstanding customer experience.


Vision of success

We adopt a comprehensive methodology that merges the principles of CX platform governance with our OWT platform architecture blueprint, forming a unified strategy and clear vision for the success of your projects. Our architecture plan acts as a roadmap, clarifying the what and how of the envisaged CX solution, integrating innovation while proactively addressing potential challenges.

Get in touch with our expert

Frédéric Demierre
Associate Partner,
Customer Experience Platform Lead
Frédéric leads the Customer Experience Platform practice at OWT and acts as an expert in all business sectors. Thanks to his extensive knowledge of the customer experience, he guides companies and brands in their digital transformation strategy. With over 30 years' experience in the IT and agency world, he has successfully collaborated on strategic initiatives for leading global brands.
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