The need to provide its employees with a modern platform for sharing information and data between departments and sites

Our client, one of the largest hospitals in Switzerland, combines over 100 clinics, departments, and medical centers. The current intranet infrastructure is outdated and no longer meets today's requirements for an internal information and communication platform. All the growth has led to content silos and employees are struggling to share their knowledge across the organization because the intranet does not foster the ability to collaborate digitally. Therefore, different departments have developed several single solutions to cover the gaps.

An indispensable digital assistant for everyday work, regardless of where and when employees work

To solve the current situation, OpenWT aimed to develop an intranet strategy that would bring together all clinics, departments and medical centers and produce one unified solution. The objective was achieved through a comprehensive needs assessment that allowed employees throughout the organization to voice their needs. Furthermore, we analyzed processes and defined a communication strategy to shape the intranet strategy. Based on the results, an intranet vision has emerged for the hospital in which the intranet plays a central role as a dispensable digital assistant and a gateway to all relevant information.

Iterative Journey

  • Identify pain points in the areas of knowledge sharing, collaboration, communication, culture, and education.
  • Define the objectives for the new intranet based on the pain points.
  • Determine the functional, non-functional, and content requirements from the needs assessment.
  • Analyze the processes of onboarding, knowledge documentation and internal event creation to specify the requirements
  • Create the internal communication strategy.
  • Develop the intranet strategy and describe the information architecture of the intranet


Identified needs


Collected requirements


Involved stakeholders

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