The rise in digital demand in the dining industry

Digital Transformation is revolutionizing our daily life. Need a cab or want to go on holiday? It is only three clicks away. Your clothes are too worn? You can order it from an online store with next-day delivery. How are you going to pay for this? With the bank account that you opened through an app, of course! Consumer demands for convenience and seamless digital experiences are on the rise and drive the digital revolution.
Some sectors are lagging behind, such as dining. The digital food experience refers to the combination of technology leveraged to improve the guest experience, be it before, during, or after the meal. Our client, a multinational company active in consumer goods, found this topic particularly relevant. It compelled them to transform their office cafeterias to provide the most seamless of digital food experiences to their employees.

The incremental evolution of digital food experience has a two side impact

Digital disruption in a particular sector can happen at any time, it requires that an actor comes with the right tool to transform the experience. The dining sector has not seen such scenario, at least not yet. The digitalization of the food experience is on a slow but steady path, the COVID playing the part of a catalyst for innovation of the dining industry, impacting both the direct actors of the industry (cooks, waiters, etc.) and their customers.

Side one: digitalization for better stock management by restaurants

Our Client decided to use its main cafeteria as a real-life laboratory and implemented all sorts of digital innovations to transform the dining experiences of its employees. It started with a complete change of all the cash registers used in point of sales selling food and beverages, and the usage of new software to manage the food offering. We helped them set everything up, and we created a centralized platform to gather and analyze dining data. As a result, the statistics allow the managing team better planning of goods, resulting in a drastic reduction of wastes. It also helped the team identify customer’s preferences to adjusts the menu, increasing their satisfaction.

Side two: digitalization to bring both convenience and safety to customers

The modern food experience brings ultimate convenience to the guests. They have access to the menu days in advance, from the internal app, on the internet, or digital signage across the campus. Besides menus, they can see the number of customers in the cafeteria updated in real-time. The internal app enables the customers to pay directly with it, for a fully contactless experience. Important assets that help to manage flows amidst the pandemic.
It is also possible for customers to order food directly through the app, to mitigate the people inside the cafeteria. This feature is also available at the end of the day when customers can browse through remaining platters to pick up instead of the food being wasted.

Key achievements

  • The cafeteria was connected to a new cash register system (TCPOS)
  • A method to showcase the menus was developed for digital signage, the Client mobile app, and intranet
  • Notification management was added to notify users of their credit information and on the state of occupancy of the cafeterias
  • The option to order food was added in response to the decrease of attendance in cafeterias brought about during the covid pandemic
  • The option to book a table and time slot was integrated to limit and control the covid 19 spread


TCPOS is Zucchetti's Omni-Channel solution for restaurants, fast food, canteens, hotels, and hospitals. From order to payment, TCPOS helps you build trust in your business by increasing order accuracy, team attention, and speed of service.

In restaurants, from online ordering to table service to digital payment, TCPOS offers seamless customer service that helps build a positive and lasting impression on customers, increasing staff attention, speed of service, and order accuracy.

In hospitals, TCPOS streamlines your food delivery processes by engaging your customers with innovative technologies such as self-ordering kiosks, mobile apps, and the most innovative kitchen automation systems including kitchen monitors, Bump-bars, Pagers and Geo-located chips.


Million dining experiences/ year


Locations integrated for over 5000 users


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Cédric Debrunner
Head of Sales
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