Keeping a close contact with the patients despite the distance

The alliance of two leaders in digital health and clinics led to an innovative telemedicine solution. Since July 2020, Swiss doctors have access to a simple, practical and secured platform to keep close contact with their patients.

During the Covid-19 crisis, patients were afraid to go to hospitals or even to their doctors. The necessity to have access to telemedicine was stronger than ever. The two leaders in the healthcare industry decided to conjointly build a neutral and innovative video-consultation platform, allowing doctors to contact patients every time it is needed.

Given this context, the challenge was to create a new streamlined solution that can be used by the doctors and the patients in the easiest way possible. Amongst the specific requirements, we had:

  • Utilization of a web application
  • Support of every devices
  • Streamlined process

From an idea to a final product in just four weeks!

Open Web Technology has been mandated to develop this new video medicine application with a very tight deadline. We have been able to deliver it in only four weeks! This challenge was achieved by a great team and a very good communication between the client and us.

We focused on the final users: the doctors and the patients. For the doctors, the requirements were to be able to send a video appointment to their patients, just by entering their phone numbers and to have a good quality video flow. They also did not want an application, they wanted to connect directly via their web browsers. The patients needed an easy to use solution, with no mandatory downloads.

The final solution is simple. The doctor connects to the web application with any device, enters the phone number of the patient, the latter then receives a SMS with a link to the video-consultation, clicks on it and the connection is directly established.

video consultation app

You can find more information about the video-consultation platform in this press release

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