Insuring a reliable and secured ecosystem for the digital signature

Digital signature is involved increasingly in business operations and personal life. Real-time contract conclusions and official documents digitally created will be the standard shortly. But how can one be sure, that a contract or an official excerpt is valid and unchanged without real ink signature on physical paper?

We helped our client a new and public digital signature service

Together with our client, we created a web platform to validate any digitally signed documents according to the new eIDAS Swiss law on digital signature. For now, our client is using the developed service internally. The service should be available for the public shortly for everyone to be able to validate any kind of documents online.

Identify, sign, validate

Validating digitally signed documents digitally is of course just the last step in the process. In order to provide Switzerland with a seamless digital signature journey, we are working together with Swisscom Trust Services on several aApplications, which are necessary to round out Switzerland'`s ecosystem for digital signature. One of current joint projects is the improvement of the RA-App. Everybody, who would like to sign documents digitally, needs to identify themselves first through this App.

Go Digital with Open Web Technology

We supports you in establishing an end-to-end electronic signature solution: From designing and implementing a customized users platform, to writing an integration concept, until the actual integration of identification and electronic signing services.

“The validator is an essential service public for the digital age and will be the vehicle to make digitally signed documents Switzerland's standard in no time.”

Markus Almer, Partner at OWT


Web platform to validate any document


Digitalized customer's journey


Features: identify, sign & validate

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