Time-consuming manual work due to missing patient information

Invoices can quickly get tedious, even for leading healthcare solution providers. One of our clients was dealing with missing insurance information and typos in patients’ addresses, causing a high number of invoice rejections from patients and insurers. Back-office personnel had to call patients to make the appropriate corrections, resulting in a lot of time-consuming manual work that they wished to avoid.

Improving data quality through a patient management interface

  • User-centric business requirements gathering to develop a functionality matrix and mock-ups of the solution
  • Iterative development of the patient data management interface using Scrum methodology
  • Regular exchanges with third-party suppliers to deliver the best product to our client

User journey to validate a file

  • The main page shows all files waiting for review, with some basic information for each file.
  • Users open a file to view more details. Here, for instance, the Swiss Post can indicate that the address provided is not correct, avoiding invoices to be sent to the wrong address. A corrected address is suggested; the user has the option to select the information provided or mark it to clarify it later.
  • Finally, the change history displays whether files have been changed automatically or changed by a user. For legal reasons, it was important that our client could keep track of modifications applied.
files treated in 4 months
of files for which data was corrected
FTE free-up thanks to the new tool

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Jean-Luc Jaquier
Head of Marketing
Jean-Luc brings 25 years of experience in digital entrepreneurship. He is driven by innovation & customer success and loves bringing challenging ideas to market launch and growing businesses. Before joining the company, Jean-Luc held several positions in the management of business units, innovation and product strategy worldwide. He was notably Director at EPFL in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics, where he led a team of data scientists, developers and analysts. Prior to EPFL, he also served as Vice President at Kudelski, the world leader in digital media and security. He had different leadership roles, from business unit management, to innovation and new business development, located in Switzerland and in the USA. Jean-Luc grew up in Switzerland and spent a few years in the Silicon Valley and the East Coast US. He holds a Master of Science from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) completed by EMBA's Program for Executive Development at the IMD Business School of Lausanne.
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