A must have during COVID crisis

Your customers won't come to your office or point of sales anymore to sign documents they want to do everything online and remotely! 

Below an example of how we integrated the Swisscom Digital Identification Service for one of our customers to overcome this challenge.

In April we saw a huge pickup of the usage of this service for all our customers. If you don't have it yet we can integrate it into your business processes within a few days or weeks!

A seamless and fully automated sales process

Our client, a telecommunication Swiss company, focuses on providing a seamless digital sale experience for its customers via its e-commerce. The company is selling different kinds of products and services such as mobile, internet, TV and telephone subscriptions, deals, and other telecom packages. During the check-out process, our client needs to identify the buyers. The current solution sends an authentication email to the buyer with a link to a video call with an agent of the company. Our client wanted to have a fully automated check-out process, removing the real person interaction (via video conference) and creating a fully digitalized sales process. They mandated us to develop the new check-out process.

Developing a new self-service identification platform

Our goal was to fully digitalize the check-out process by removing the video calls with a real agent. In collaboration with the clients' team, we developed the following new process:

During the check-out process, the e-commerce platform sends automatically a validation email to the customer including a validation link. To validate the check-out, the customer clicks on the link, which brings the customer on a self-service identification platform. Instead of facing a real agent, the customer is asked to perform, on camera, a series of steps to scan his identification paper and to take a picture of the customer's face.

The new self-service identification (SSI) platform unfolds several benefits. Firstly, the SSI increases the sales turnover by providing a quicker check-out process available 24 hours during which more check-out can be done simultaneously. Secondly, by replacing the real agent interactions with the customers, FTEs can be better allocated in other revenue-generating activities as the agents' tasks for this new process would be to review the customers' data. Lastly, the SSI provides a fully digitalized sales experiences for the customers, creating higher customer satisfaction.

Iterative journey

  • Review of all the technical specifications provided by our client
  • Planification of the development roadmap
  • One sprint development of 2 weeks with deliveries and feedbacks


weeks development only


Digitalized sales process


Digitalized sales process

Jean-Luc Jaquier
Head of Marketing
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