Simplifying doctors' daily tasks & reinforcing the link with the clinic

Our Client, a leading group of private clinics in Switzerland, wishes to offer its doctors state-of-the-art technical facilities and first-class range technologies. Working independently, doctors are a strategic population whose relationship with the clinic should be particularly nurtured.

To support this objective, our Client wanted to develop a mobile application bringing additional benefits to its doctors by :

  • Reducing administrative workload
  • Simplifying daily tasks and decreasing painful connections with multiple digital systems
  • Reinforcing the link with the clinic & among colleagues

Three set of functionalities : patients, fees, colleagues

Open Web Technology was commissioned to implement a tailor-made native mobile application centralizing directly in the “doctor pocket” key information & services doctors will need for their journey in the clinic.

In a nutshell, the App supports doctors to :

  • Prepare and follow-up patient visits with the access to their consultation agenda, to the list of their hospitalized patients or to the patient dedicated file.
  • Consult fees history, follow-up the payment status, control the amounts and contact the invoicing department if needed.
  • Search & contact colleagues through a directory or their position on a map.

An iterative approach to fit to users' needs

We implemented the current first version of the App following our proven methodology.

  • Firstly, the blueprint phase to identify and prioritize users' needs, before specifying the solution from a functional and technical perspective.
  • Secondly, the development phase using agile methodologies.

The App is currently being rolled-out in the clinic network with good feedback and iteratively improved based on them.



  • Analysis of doctors' needs
  • Definition of the functionalities, design and architecture of the mobile App
  • Development of a native iOS App
  • Launch of the App roll-out
  • Iterative improvement based on users' feedback
« The Doctor App brings useful functionalities in a nice design. It is very convenient for me to organize my patient visits and check my invoices anytime. »

Project Manager


targeted users


less time spent on non medical tasks


users satisfaction

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