During the revision of the future corporate strategy, our client, a Swiss health insurance company, had already started to address digitalization by developing a roadmap of the current digital initiatives. These consisted mainly of foundational initiatives such as the re-launch of their website and the creation of a customer portal.

As these initiatives were only loosely linked to each other and lacked an overall concept, it quickly became apparent that a clear digital vision was needed. Open Web Technology was then asked to define and fully align this vision with the corporate strategy, as well as to outline key focus areas to implement this strategy. Current technological trends, such as big data, wearables, and IoT were considered.


Our team proposed a proven methodology, based on Open Web Technology's experience with clients in the health sector facing similar challenges, which focuses on delivering tangible results at each step of the process.

1. Defining the Digital Framework
During a one-day workshop, our team first presented current digital trends in the insurance sector as well as in related industries. This was followed by an overview of the client's status regarding digitization. Ultimately, the goal was to define a common digital vision in the form of a claim and align it with the overall corporate strategy.

2. Aligning the digital vision with the corporate strategy
After the creation of a digital claim, our team analyzed our client's overall strategy with regard to potential digital touch points. As a result, the existing strategic framework was reconstructed and now included all areas which were affected by digitalization.

3. Outlining key digital focus areas
The redefinition of the overall corporate strategy with regard to the digital vision was utilized by our team to outline 6 main digital focus areas. Clear goals, relevant previous initiatives, and the necessary next steps were defined for each of the focus areas.
Our team additionally listed key performance indicators to validate the success of the proposed initiatives. Moreover, dependencies to other projects and technologies were added to help our client with the creation of a new digital roadmap.


Within just a few weeks, Open Web Technology successfully redefined the client's digital strategy, which included a common digital vision. The identified 6 key digital focus areas will help our client to immediately create an improved digital roadmap in order to position itself as a digital leader within the health insurance sector.

HealthTech is growing rapidly and traditional healthcare players must jump on the digital journey to stay in the game. Read more about it here.

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