A discrepancy was growing between our collaborators' needs and the features of our Web Portal; it had become clear that the aging solution needed a revamp. OWT's expertise turned our requirements into identified improvements using their Blueprint methodology and made them a reality after a few sprint of development, facilitating our day-to-day tasks on the refreshed Web App!

Who is our client?

An entity to oversee the invoicing between healthcare providers and insurances

La Centrale d'Encaissement des Etablissements Sanitaires Vaudois (CEESV) is a non-profit association in charge of handling invoices between care providers and health insurances for patients in the canton of Vaud.

La CEESV receives invoices from healthcare providers so they can collect payments from the appropriate paying parties, such as insurers, the state, or the patients themselves. This system was established in 1960 to regulate state health spending and guarantee that businesses had healthy cash flows.

About 8 years ago, La CEESV called upon OWT's expertise to develop a custom-made platform that collaborators could use in their operational activities. As of today, the web application manages over 300'000 invoices per year, for total amounts over 1 billion CHF.

Dealing with an aging digital solution

Despite various evolutions through additional features and improvements carried out by OWT over the last 8 years, the platform started to feel like it could need a bigger makeover. New business needs had emerged, the underlying technology stack was growing deprecated and the interface of the Web App did not fully meet all user requirements anymore.

La CEESV shared those challenges with OWT and seeked to completely revamp the aging solution.

Increasing efficiency through user-centricity

Following a Blueprint realized in 2020, a new user experience was designed with our unique and iterative user-centric methodology to leverage the existing foundation whilst making the day-to-day work easier and more streamlined.

Our approach focused on:

  • Revamping the user experience on the existing Web App using mockups and clickable prototypes, for which standardized front-end components were implemented on the user interface
  • Automating business processes, for which we reduced repetitive tasks and focused on user requirements
  • Upgrade the technology stack supporting our client's solution to comply with the most recent industry standards​

Our client’s benefits from the project

By continuously involving stakeholders in each iteration, we made sure that the solution was in line with user requirements and expectations, as well as fitting architectural constraints.

The client gained efficiency by not indulging anymore in recurrent low-value activities in their business processes, as well as observable satisfaction, obvious by the smile on the collaborators' face when the solution was finally live.


employees using the Web App to deal with all financial flows


invoices managed yearly by La CEESV thanks to the platform

>1 billion

CHF transiting through the platform yearly

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