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The user experience in a restaurant has almost not changed over the last century. At Open Web Technology we launched a mobile app disrupting the dining experience like Uber has reinvented your taxi ride experience. Our App digitizes and centralizes the large parts of your restaurant journey to the benefits of all persons involved: restaurant owners, waitress and customers.

  • Search a restaurant: the search feature is associated to a map that helps customers find their perfect restaurant.
  • Book a table: a table can be booked anywhere, anytime. All bookings are synchronized in both the customer and the restaurant owner's calendars.
  • Pay the bill: the restaurant owner and the customer also have a synchronized bill in the app. The customer can therefore pay in one click after asking for his table number. For groups, customers can split the bill without any participant limits. With a final click, customers can then rate the service and tip the waitress.

As a result, restaurant staff is fully focus on the service of the customers that are at the restaurant. There is much less waiting for the customers and much more efficiency for the staff.

Real case application

Our client, a Swiss leading group of private clinics, also manages the restaurants inside the clinics. As they were facing many challenges, the group commissioned Open Web technology to roll out its solution for their restaurants.

In a nutshell, the centralized App developed by Open Web Technology was able to respond to the three following challenges:

1. Lack of restaurant's visibility

The clinic's restaurants are independent establishments that should be as visible as any other restaurant for all customers, which is not always the case.

  • The search feature allows all restaurant to have maximized visibility on the search map.

2. Lack of waitress' efficiency

Many tasks that are done by the waitress are not directly related to the service: answering the phone, taking bookings, preparing and controlling the bill, etc.

  • The booking and payment features allow waitress to fully focus on the service at the restaurants, all other tasks being carried out directly in the App by the customer.

3. Slow and ordinary customer journey

The usual restaurant process has definitely wore off as most customers nowadays do not want to have to call the restaurant during opening hours to book a table or wait for the bill at the end of the meal

  • The booking and payment features allow the customer to manage the whole process by himself and give him more time to relax and enjoy his restaurant experience

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