Our client – a global investment management company – is currently deploying a new order management and trading system: Bloomberg AIM. Open Web Technology was approached by their CFO with the task of preparing the different business units and IT stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition.


Upon our arrival we saw ourselves confronted with a highly disorganized process structure: Instead of taking a systematic approach of making sure that requirements were fully understood, Project teams were simply rushing the implementation of new IT systems. This is particularly dangerous within Software as a Service (SaaS) environments, which are generally being highly disruptive in nature and characterized by quicker release cycles.

In order to help our client's project team take a step back, and to ensure all stakeholders were aligned, we applied a tailored approach to documenting business processes: Firstly, we allowed for enough time to deeply understand the status quo, observing the various teams throughout their daily routine.
Following this analysis, we moved on to defining the future processes, working closely with the project team, which were then tested with key stakeholders in dedicated “validation meetings”.

The design, formalization and validation of those business processes did not only help all heads of divisions understand the new roles and responsibilities of their teams, but also served as a basis for the creation of a set of comprehensive training material for newly hired portfolio managers, as well as for IT & operational support workers.

This piece of work revealed valuable insights about remaining blind spot and bottlenecks and helped us identify opportunities to optimize existing processes, which in return were used to aid implementation. Upon project completion, effects were immediately felt: while a single trade would take 2 days to process previously, the same task can now be completed within 5 minutes - a dramatic improvement!

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