A digital dream requires some groundwork

Our Client, a leading provider of medical & dental equipment, is preparing to launch a multitude of digital projects to re-orient the company to be more customer-centric. However, their existing digital ecosystem of 8 websites and supporting systems was built over the years by various players with different needs. This resulted in a technologically heterogenous system with disconnected elements with an ever-increasing maintenance cost. To ensure that future digital projects could begin with a sound foundation, it was necessary to simplify & harmonize the company’s entire IT architecture and establish the necessary governance principles and DevOps processes to maintain it.

A solid digital foundation to rationalize costs

With OpenWT’s help, our Client migrated their IT ecosystem from various hosts spread in multiple countries to a single unified cloud hosting system. Furthermore, in order to pave the way for future digital projects, various core systems were put in place, such as a centralized Identity Provider (IdP), a cross-device notification system for the different apps, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) which was particularly critical to provide content to China. With the new systems and architecture in place, our Client can now proceed with new projects while maintaining minimal maintenance costs.

A harmonized ecosystem ready to expand

In parallel, the various websites managed by the company (8 in total) can now be rebuilt on a common technological stack, drastically reducing the required number of third party partners to maintain its systems, thus reducing costs. Additionally, container technology was implemented on the websites in an effort to follow DevOps best practices, enable a system of continuous integration & delivery, and further reduce maintenance costs.

Iterative Journey

  • Analysis of the existing IT architectural landscape
  • Collecting the Client’s current and future digital needs
  • Envisioning the future IT architectural landscape
  • Setup websites servers in the new hosting environment
  • Implementation of DevOps in the website project foundries
  • Migrate to new websites
I feel a real good cooperation breeze floating around this project.

Company-wide Digital Product Owner


Harmonized IT ecosystem


Existing users successfully migrated to the IdP


Environments setup for each website

Cédric Debrunner
Head of Sales
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