Make the right medical diagnosis before the patient goes to the hospital

Due to the Covid-19, the emergency service was temporarily modified. A hospital asked OpenWT to design and develop a portal for patients to help better understand the patient problem allowing to triage the request avoiding unnecessary trips to emergencies.

Keeping in touch with patients and reassuring them

The symptom tree allows to detect absolute urgency, relative urgency, or non-urgent cases in just a few questions.

The patient can ask his questions through a secured portal available on the hospital website. He can add documents and pictures to help the diagnostic. Doctors are committed to providing an answer for all cases before 24h. The patient is reassured to be able to ask his questions and the doctor has one unique canal to be contacted.

Interative Journey

  • Build the symptom tree
  • Develop an MVP in two weeks

Online Triage Tool - Federal Office of Public Health

A similar solution has been rolled out when the coronavirus crisis exploded in Switzerland, the first step to help the population was to put a dedicated helpline into place.

The problem with a call center is that when the demand is exponential, it becomes impossible to hire more and more people to keep up with this on-going demand. Also, having a 24/7 call center can be particularly hard to maintain with exponential demand.

Together with Medgate and the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), we designed and developed an online triage and recommendation tool in less than two weeks to tackle the emergency. Find out more about our project online triage.

«The portal is a sustainable way to switch to teleconsultation and make the patients owner of their health »

Anonymous Doctor


Request per week


Response time from the doctor

<2 weeks

Development time to build a MVP

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