A secure platform to fight against fraud and illicit trade

Global losses of fraud equate to 6.05% of GDP which is estimated at US$5.1 trillion. Our client is taking a stance to support governmental entities to enforce trade transparency to mitigate this phenomenon.
The expertise of our client was leveraged to create inviolable stamps allowing the proper authentication of goods ranging from consumer goods to high-value products. The system put in place allows governmental authorities to securely mark, track and trace goods throughout their entire supply-chain.

How we leveraged our software development expertise and our multi-cultural proficiency to support our client in evolving and modernizing its platform

  • We nurtured an efficient multi-cultural team collaboration between multiple of our client's offices to increase overall productivity
  • Our customer-centric approach was used to put the user experience in the foreground
  • Our expertise with Swift language was applied to Bluetooth technology

Based on state-of-the-art data privacy proof blockchain solution, we supported our client's development of a Mobile app which verifies ink-secure stamps. We seamlessly adapted to our client's resources and work framework by completing their team in the most optimal manner.

Our agile methodology was essential to create a cross-country productive environment resulting in making the application operational in just 3 months.

Iterative journey

  • Set up an iOS application in 3 months only
  • Nurtured an efficient multi-cultural team collaboration among multiple countries
  • Applied our Swift language expertise to Bluetooth technology

Authentication of goods with a hand-held device

The app is connected to a hand-held device allowing to rapidly scan any stamp and access it's details directly on the app.

Access product details in seconds

Instantly, authenticity of a product can be verified against the blockchain and the user can detect in a matter of seconds if the product was forged or subject of illicit trade.

The app is exclusive to the company and can be used on iOS devices

Thanks to the app, auditors can scan a certified stamp with a hand-held device. All information related to the scanned product is available in a click. This allows to ensure the product is secure and legal through its block-chain certified supply-chain.


Countries using the application

80 Bn

Products marked


Hourly marking capacity

Cédric Debrunner
Head of Sales
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