Announce and track internal shipments efficiently

Our client, a large multinational company, sends hundreds of shipments every day across its offices spread over the world. Meeting regulations and tight business deadlines while keeping the costs as low as possible is a big challenge for them. The application they used to track these shipments was not intuitive and required too many manual steps to enter the necessary information. Collecting accurate information about the shipment being prepared is very important to ensure that both recurring and one-time shippers fill in the information correctly and consistently.

Simplify user experience with a modern and easy to use Web App

The redesigned web application delivers a simplified user experience on all devices and reduces the time to enter necessary data. Based on an employee's service location and the type of goods the fields to be filled will adapt. This means that users are not bothered anymore with fields irrelevant to their requests. As a second major improvement, a two-stage mass mail import was developed, which allows recurring users to prepare a shipment easily and efficiently and control it in a later process step.

Iterative journey

  • Identifying mandatory fields
  • Preparing and reviewing mockups
  • Building useable and valuable software
  • Progressing in small iterative step
  • Collecting early user feedbacks
  • Transferring solution to client

Digital Logistic

Current and former shipments at a glance

The dashboard serves as a main page. It displays all current and former shipments of the user and tracks their delivery status.

digital process

Assistant to announce new shipments

When announcing a new shipment, the user is guided through a three-step workflow collecting information about: sender, recipient and package details. Information regarding the sender is pre-filled automatically. Fields adapt based on the service location and type of sending.

Digital Mailing

Enhanced productivity feature oriented towards users with high volume needs

Two-step process to import shipment data to prepare mass-mailing: The first step validates the data and display errors allowing the user either to correct the data online or to entirely re-import it. The second step creates the shipment.

The newly designed application is very easy to use and saves us a lot of time. The feedbacks are very positive.

Mail Service Operation Manager


Shipments per day


Handled by the web client


Time saved in shipment creation

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