A forced change of IT provider

Our client faced a strong and impactful request. It has been required, based on a decision from the state, to change its IT provider

We helped our client define its new IT outsourcing strategy

We worked alongside the client to redefine its strategy for the outsourcing of the following services & systems:

  • Infrastructure servers, storage, and backup
  • Network WAN/LAN/WIFI
  • Active Directory, Messaging
  • Telephony, Visioconference
  • Security

The goal was to give a clear picture of which options our client had for the hosting, management and support of its new IT infrastructure and to provide decision enabling information in terms of costs, organizational constraints and risks.

A clear vision to make the correct choice

Thanks to our research and analysis work, our client benefited from a clear expert vision to make the best fact-based choice on the strategy to take.

OpenWT added value

Our client benefited from our following competencies and experience:

  • Proven methodology in the definition of IT Strategies and related analysis frameworks
  • Leverage of our group's network of IT specialists with deep competencies is specialized fields (e.g., datacenter, network, security, telephony, visioconference)
  • Experience on implementing defined strategies with related roadmap, governance, and organization

Mapping the existing IT situation and defining the future

Step 1: We worked on mapping the existing IT situation according to 5 dimensions: technology, operations, governance, organization and security. We documented functional specs, technical diagrams, and the constraints for the design of the new solutions (e.g., legal constraints, data constraints, time constraints, technical constraints).

Step 2: Once this information was synthetized, we leveraged our team of IT specialists to define the new architecture of the future global IT solution, the scenarios of outsourcings/managed services and an estimation of run costs and timelines for the implementation of each scenario.


IT infrastructure scenarios defined


Systems documented and analyzed


Weeks to define the IT outsourcing scenarios and recommendations

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