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With the start of the new TV rights period in Swiss football, Swisscom introduced the "Swisscom Fanday". They now have the opportunity to present one home match per season for each Swiss club. Because they present it, they also have lots of tickets for the events, which made them think of an innovative customer loyalty program as some tickets will be offered in a lottery, and the rest given to Swisscom customers exclusively. Indeed, in order to raise customer satisfaction, Swisscom wanted to take the opportunity of the Fandays action to introduce a priority ticketing service for its InOne customers.

A brand new online platform

Open Web Technology was mandated by Swisscom to create a platform where Swisscom employees could track how many tickets are available for a given event, set the amount of tickets which should be sold, the amount of tickets which should be given away for free, and the probability with which people could win a ticket. On this platform the employees can set the settings for three different things: for the ticket lottery, for the 4 for 1 sale of tickets, and for the special offers for InOne customers. The end user accessed these three deals through platforms provided by Swisscom itself.

Iterative journey

  • A short blueprint was done to define the operational and technical functionalities of the solution, as well as clear user journeys for each offer.
  • The development phase lasted 5 weeks with two sprints and was closed with a intense testing prior to go live.
  • Once the platform was built, OWT offered support and maintenance during operation.
The collaboration with OWT has always been very professional, we felt well looked after and were impressed by the implementation of the tool built in record time. The platform greatly facilitated day-to-day project work and contributed significantly to the achievement of the objectives.

Annette Kohler, Project manager Partnership&Live experience, Swisscom AG


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