Client's situation

Our client is a Swiss leading group of private clinics, which manages not only patients but also a number of restaurants inside the clinics. These establishments are cafeterias as well as fine dining restaurants. Giving this diversity, the group mandated openWT to find an innovative way to disrupt the standard process of catering applying to all the group's restaurants.

Our client's challenges were as follow:

Lack of visibility for the restaurants

Every restaurant is necessarily inside the clinic and it is clear that customers usually associate the restaurant with the clinic. However, it is a different and independent establishment that should be as visible as any other restaurant. Furthermore, the restaurants suffer from the fact that potential customers too often think that you are supposed to be a patient of the clinic to enjoy the restaurant. Both issues result in a great loss of visibility and an unclear positioning of the clinics' restaurants on the market.

Lack of waitress' efficiency

Waitress and their service to customers are at the heart of a restaurant. Many tasks however are also done by the waitress and are not directly related to the service: answering the phone, taking bookings, preparing and controlling the bill, asking for the payment method when at the table (cash/card) and eventually coming back for bill errors.

All these different chores inevitably distract the waitress from their primary focus, which should be serving and assisting all customers that are in the restaurant. The multiplication of various tasks all done by the waitress is detrimental to their efficiency and ultimately the customers' comfort.

Slow and ordinary customer journey

Finally, it is obvious for our client that nowadays, the restaurant owners should not only focus on serving clients but also offer them a complete restaurant experience. Indeed, our client has noted that a customer's journey throughout the whole catering process is made of many small and independent actions, such as searching for a restaurant, booking a table, asking for the bill, etc, as it has always been the case. However, it is our client's opinion that this process has wore off and that most customers do not want to call the restaurant during opening hours to book a table or wait for the bill when finished. The primary focus of a customer at a restaurant is to eat, relax and have a good time. The rest should be taken care of.

Our solution


Given the nature of our client's challenges, it was clear to us that they were all closely related. This was therefore the opportunity to launch a brand new application to centralize the whole process of a restaurant experience, to the benefits of all persons involved: restaurant owners, waitress and customers.

Patients, staff and external customers can now search for a restaurant, book a table, split the bill, pay the bill and tip the waitress – all in one app. Plus, they can also have the historic of all the past bills, which is particularly useful for businessmen expensing their lunch for example.

The search feature is associated to a map that helps customers find the perfect restaurant, while allowing all other restaurants to be present at the same time, giving them maximized visibility. This is especially useful for our client given the number of clinics and restaurants, which all benefit from this new visibility. In addition, general information, opening hours and menus are displayed right when you click on a restaurant.

The booking feature, which you can use anytime, anywhere, has the advantage to be connected to your personal calendar, directly syncing every booking customers make.

Regarding the payment of the bill, the app allows the restaurant and the customer to have a synchronized bill in the app. The customer can therefore pay in one click after asking for his table number. For groups, customers can split the bill without any participant limits. With a final click, customers can then rate the service and tip the waitress.

The centralization of all these separate actions therefore allows the restaurants owners to have their waitress fully focus on the service of the customers that are at the restaurant, while providing their customers a digitalized and fun way to enjoy their favorite restaurants. There is much less waiting, and much more efficiency.

Iterative Journey

  • Interview Client to understand his needs
  • Create mockups
  • Develop the application in Flutter
  • Interface with Client tools
  • Testing phase with Client's restaurants
  • Improvement of the app based on Client's restaurants feedbacks
  • Delivery to the Client
After sorting out all the client's challenges, we, at OWT, decided to come up with a brand new application that centralizes the whole process of a restaurant experience, from searches to payment, and many more features.


Digitalized user journey


Transactions per month


less coordination effort

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