Structuring disruptive business ideas

Our client, a leading service provider in the health care sector, wanted to identify, structure, and prioritize blue-sky ideas and new digital business models opportunities.

The rapid changes in technology, new data sources and customer expectations regarding digital channels created both an opportunity to enter new markets, but also exposed a threat to the existing business. The client turned to OWT to run a digital innovation workshop.


Innovation Workshop

Leveraging our proven methodology to generate new ideas for digital business models

The structured approach before going into the innovation workshop allowed us to have a swift, efficient, and equally rewarding innovation workshop day for our client. We were able to achieve this by

  • Running over 10 interviews prior to the workshop so that pain points and desires of customers could be identified and structured ahead of time
  • Conducting research concerning the relevant topics to bring inspiration to the workshop when needed
  • Ensuring the diversity of participants of the innovation workshop (e.g., including several departments, age groups)

During the workshop a customer journey design sprint was held, which helped understand the customer needs. New business models were identified and prioritized. In groups, the ideas were developed, pitched and finally a winner business model was cured, which will be prioritized for implementation.

Key steps of a sucessful Innovation Workshop

To identify new digital business models, the approach below was followed:

  • Preparation of the workshop by conducting interviews to identify pain points and desires from customers and prospects
  • Facilitation of the workshop to generate blue-sky ideas and prioritize them for implementation
  • Documentation of the workshop results and recommendations for next steps


Interviews conducted & summarized


New digital business models identified and prioritized


Winner of the digital business model challenge

Jean-Luc Jaquier
Head of Marketing
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