A lack of information leading to patients frustration

Reports have shown that workplace verbal and physical violence is four times more common in healthcare settings than in private industry. It has also been shown that when the patient is properly informed of the reason for his waiting time, cases of violence significantly decrease, leading to a more peacefull facility for both patients and healthcare workers.

A digital solution for a clearer information

In this context of easing the information provided to patients, OpenWT has developped a progressive Web Application (PWA) providing status about care procedures to patients. The patient is properly informed through the whole care procedure, allowing to put the patient’s mind at rest.

Iterative Journey

  • In-depth documentation of the patient’s journey
  • Definition of functionalities, UX/UI, technology stack, and architecture
  • Proof of Concept (PoC) to validate the concept
  • Iterations to refine the application

Cédric Debrunner
Head of Sales
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