A public safety organization setting new IT objectives for high-availability and 24/7 service

The organization’s mission is to provide maximum security and safety to the population. Considering our experience in defining IT strategies for major public organizations, we were chosen to upscale their capabilities and define an actionable IT outsourcing strategy.

Our client wished to consolidate critical systems on a high-availability infrastructure. We elaborated three options covering equipment, servers, storage, and backup.

  1. keep the existing infrastructure
  2. set a completely new IT outsourcing
  3. define a hybrid outsourcing (partly on-premise, partly outsourced)

The main criteria for the selection were risk reduction (in terms of downtime and migration) and quality of follow-up and support. After a thorough analysis of the various scenarios, the recommendation was to have a new IT outsourcing. This solution offered 24/7 availability and a risk reduction in the management of IT assets with added flexibility.

To successfully implement the strategy and the chosen option, we delivered:

  • A detailed plan for the proposed scenario (adapted to needs and constraints, with costs and risks brought forward)
  • A 2-year IT migration roadmap (including the list of projects and a plan for the IT transfer process)
  • A final report summarizing the strategy with the governance and organization model to ensure a successful migration

To move forward with our proposed strategy, the client would have to recruit the necessary IT resources and find its IT outsourcing partners and transfer support contracts, knowledge, and activities.

IT outsourcing scenarios investigated
year plan defined and budgeted for each scenario
year migration roadmap for the recommended scenario

Jean-Luc Jaquier
Head of Marketing
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