75% of music listening now comes from streaming

The music industry has faced many changes during the past couple of years. Streaming has become one of the most common ways of consuming music, and the different apps to do so are growing. Buying a CD is a thing of the past. So how is it possible, in a world of unlimited streaming opportunities, to create successful campaigns based on people’s taste? How is it even possible to keep track of people’s taste? Advertising needs to adapt.

Advertising must therefore be digitized

Streaming, compared to older ways of listening music, has one big advantage: the data it produces. It is possible to know when, where, and what people listen to. But then, could we use this data to personalize campaigns for each individual? Could we automate this advertising with all the diversity it will bring? And finally, could we measure the impact of such campaigns? OpentWT was asked to leverage Artificial intelligence technology in order to help Sony Music to positively answer those different questions and therefore digitalize its advertising activities.

Iterative journey

  • Creation of a large-scale data warehouse optimized for AI
  • Growth of the data base with several years of streaming data
  • Connection of the data base to a pipeline of real time data
  • Training of the AI system to detect micro trends and their audience’s details
  • Turning and automation of the campaigns via campaigns launch and deep analysis

Impact by leveraging AI

It's amazing how much value you can get out when digging into vast amount of data and trying to leverage it.

Daniel Schnellman, Project Manager at Open Web Technology


advertising on the basis of detected microtrends


knowledge about the target audience


performance of future marketing campaigns

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