Turning tough times into opportunities

Hoxell is a Hospitality Software Solutions firm founded in 2007, with strong roots in hospitality management. Hoxell proposes two products that are used in more than 150 hotels:

  • Quality Operation, which significantly improves hotel operational excellence, increases guest satisfaction and boosts staff performance. 
  • MyPage, which enables to customize each guest’s stay and generates new streams of ancillary revenues through the upselling of services and activities.

Hospitality management software industry is facing multiple challenges including but not limited to new sanitization constraints in hotels, fast evolving technologies and increasing employee digital expectations in terms of design and efficiency.

Hoxell turned the Covid - 19 crisis and its impact on hotel occupancy into a unique opportunity to rethink completely the hospitality management software approach and to build its next generation of hospitality management software.

Hoxell 2.0: Providing hotels…and clinics with the optimal tool to embrace new industry challenges

Thanks to this combination and to an agile methodology and despite working mostly remotely, we were able to design, develop and deliver the MVP within only 8 months.

The particular concern over offering a highly configurable software that adapts and fits to all hotel configuration created a welcomed new sales opportunity: hospitals. Indeed, Hoxell functionalities fulfill the needs of a great percentage of hospitals, notably in Switzerland, which opens a wide new market.

The first iteration fulfills the following requirements:

  • Contain the core functionalities necessary for new customer acquisition

  • Improve user experience and interface with a modern mobile first graphic design

  • Solve scalability issues by leveraging cloud technologies

  • Integrate with major Property Management Systems (PMS) and Building Automation software

  • Provide a brand-new task management system that enhances hotel's efficiency by ensuring flexibility and straightforwardness

Task management



Ensuring an optimal hotel management

The software allows hotels to manage all employee tasks which includes the planification, assignment, completion and verification.

Shift planning


Providing a clear and flexible employee planning system

Hotels can manage employee shift planning including employee requests and statistics.


Messaging: Improving internal communication

Employees can communicate thanks to an internal messaging tool.


Reporting: Monitoring hotel activities

A reporting tool allows to monitor all major activities of the hotel in order to improve the employee efficiency and guest satisfaction.


Integrations: Gathering key information

In order to get the key information about reservations and guests, the software is integrated with multiple PMS and Building automation software.

A complete set of functionalities

Quality Operation offers multiple other functionalities such as breakfast, lost and found, consumptions and billing management in order to guarantee an optimal hotel management and guest satisfaction.

Hoxell - Excellence in Hotel Industry and Hospitality

Hoxell software hospitality platform was developed by hoteliers, continuously improved, and adapted to the needs of their guests. It provides the operational skills, guest service functions, and personnel management options that you and your employees need to run the company successfully.

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