Maintaining contact with patients before and after their stay with a single app

The doctors and nurses of a leading group of Swiss private clinics wanted to improve their patients’ experience and simplify communications using digital means, in particular for rehabilitation and obesity cure patients. Their main goals were to:

  • Support the launch of new cures and treatments
  • Improve patients’ treatment with a personalized digital follow-up during and after their stay
  • Promote the clinics, their services and their doctors

Extensive user research for a tailor-made tool

Open Web Technology was commissioned to design and implement a tailor-made native mobile application allowing the clinics to maintain contact with patients and facilitate medical follow-up even after a patient’s stay.

We documented their needs and wishes with the doctors, nurses but also patients, to make sure the application fit perfectly with the requirements of all three different types of users. Following an iterative process, we could design the most adapted tool for every type of user.

For the doctors and nurses, we built a web portal to:

  • Monitor their patients’ health from any device and location
  • Prescribe physical exercises adapted to the patient’s needs

For the patients, we built a mobile application to:

  • Stay up to date on their treatment plan
  • Get notified of new prescribed exercises
  • Contact a clinic or a doctor to book an appointment or a service

The first versions of the web portal and mobile application are now finalized and ready to be rolled-out in the clinics. Doctor, nurse and patient feedback will be collected in order to improve the tools.

Iterative Journey

  • Documentation of patients, nurses and doctors’ needs
  • Definition of the functionalities, design and architecture of a mobile application and web portal
  • Development of native iOS and Android mobile applications for the patients
  • Development of a web portal for medical follow-up
  • Roll-out of the solution with the doctors and nurses

The cost of care continues to skyrocket, so hospitals are looking for long-term solutions to minimize the cost of inpatient services. To do so, new technologies and healthcare delivery are increasingly merging. Want to know more about it? Checkout out our webinar recording on the "Journey to Release a Patient-Centric AI App to Reduce Public Health Costs!" presented during 2020 AI & Data Submit. 

Monitoring and following up on our patients after their stay allows us to offer a unique and personalized service.

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