A new e-shop for a new business model

Our client is a referencing center for all retirement homes in Switzerland. They manage a platform with more than 60’000 products. Because of new competitors, they recently decided to change their business model and to move from a referencing center to a purchasing platform. As part of this new strategy, a modern and easy to use e-shop was necessary.

Using the latest e-commerce best practices

Our client asked us to define and validate the core functionalities of the new platform, to recommend an e-shop solution that best fits their new business model and to design a platform with an improved user experience.

Many professions of the retirement homes interact with the e-shop, ranging from the cook to the nurse or the technical responsible. Our user-centric approach allowed us to identify their purchasing habits and to integrate their needs in the platform. We also covered the specific BtoB functionalities, like personalized pricing, a unique purchasing order or the invoicing.

On the technical side, we evaluated different e-shop solutions according to their functional coverage and ease of integration. Considering the specificities of the solution and the short timing before the release of the first version, we recommended an angular front end to be integrated with the existing back end. We also recommended a CMS to align the e-shop with the institutional website.

Finally, we redesigned the e-shop with a modern and engaging interface, inspired from the best practices of BtoB e-commerce platforms.


landing page

Iterative Journey

  • Analysis of users’ needs
  • Definition of the functionalities and architecture of the platform
  • Benchmark of technical solutions for BtoB e-commerce platforms
  • Design of a clickable prototype


Weeks only to collect the users needs and redesign the platform


Technical solutions investigated for the development of the platform


Different user types defined

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