Our Client Atupri, a renowned Swiss health insurance company, is continuously seeking to improve its customers' experience with digital tools. Back in 2016, Atupri and OWT collaborated and built a customer portal, which won the silver medal for innovation at the Best of Swiss Web Award in 2017. After that Atupri decided to implement new key features for insurance management. The main request was to integrate a premium calculator into the customer portal itself, as well as the map referencing acknowledged doctors.

This was a strategic improvement aiming to reduce workload for coworkers and increase customer retention around the end of year period. Indeed, every year Swiss citizen witness an increase in their insurance premiums; everyone starts comparing different offers and model change opportunities. This results in a high volume of requests for information and modifications from customers. Therefore, Atupri wanted to offer direct services and cost overview to the portal users.
They mandated Open Web Technology again to further develop the portal and extend user management abilities over their health insurance.


1. Blueprint with focus on User experience
By interviewing stakeholders and documenting their know-how, we were able to identify the complex business and legal rules applying to insurance premiums and models. The integrated premium calculator now allows not only the customer to easily see the price of another policy, but also displays the exact costs and coverage difference
In a few weeks only, Open Web Technology was able to acquire necessary knowledge specific to the features. The team was set up to perform the development and planned the sprints following our agile methodology.

2. Three months development
Each sprint enabled us to deliver a new increment of the portal, for testing and integration. In addition, the portal now enables the user to change their assigned doctor and includes a map showing all Atupri-acknowledged physician with regard to the selected insurance model.
Finally the big empowerment for the customers is the newly acquired possibility to directly request a mutation from the portal. This applies to:

  • A change of insurance policy
  • Adding a family member to the existing contract
  • Adding or removing the accident insurance

The agile methodology enabled Open Web Technology to deliver the myAtupri version 2.0 portal right on time for the autumn season, offering Atupri customers these helpful features in a timely fashion.

Thanks to the joint effort of Open Web Technology and the team of external providers, our Client was able to reduce drastically the workload for the treatment of all information and change requests: Most of them are now processed automatically, without the intervention of the Atupri service team. Their customers have on their side more digital tools at their disposal to handle accounts, coverage, and doctor. Within a few clicks only, the customer can request a complex change of policy, which will be directly processed by the back-end systems.

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