From a dedicated work permit request team...

Up to 8500 work permits are delivered each year in Switzerland for Non-EU workers. When an employee or a new hire comes from outside of the EU/EFTA, the employer is responsible to request their work permit and sometimes also the work permit for their family. Large multinational corporations thus have to request several work permits per month, either for their local employment or assignment in Switzerland. This process can be lengthy depending on the nationality of the employee.

Multinationals are sometimes forced to dedicate a full team on work permit requests and usually they do not have the proper tools to handle it. Our client, a large multinational with offices in Switzerland, asked us to analyze and streamline their work-permit request process to improve its efficiency and avoid redundancy.

To a fully digital request application!

We designed and developed a solution to manage work permits acquisition for our client. We helped them move from a shared spreadsheet used by half a dozen employees at the same time to a brand new web application. The solution not only overcomes concurrency issues, but also allows their team to better structure their data. The new tool allows the team to setup workflows to manage their processes and is integrated to an existing database to save precious time and reduce the number of errors.

Last but not least, we have put in place a detailed reporting function on top of the solution to enable continuous improvement and easily spot blocked requests.

Using a great technology stack

Swisscom Digital Technology as a joint venture between Open Web Technology and Swisscom is one of Microsoft preferred Partner in Switzerland and the partner of choice for .NET development for many companies in Switzerland.

The web application we developed is based on a Web Services architecture to allow a decoupling of the backend and the frontend. The backend uses .NET technology with a MSSQL database and the frontend uses Angular framework for a fully responsive user experience.

technology stack

Leveraging our off-shore team in Da Nang

This project was mostly delivered by our off-shore team in Da Nang with a close coordination from Switzerland. Using OpenWT methodology allowed us to optimize and make the most of the time zone difference between Switzerland and Vietnam.


off shore


Iterative journey

  • Analysis and documentation of the existing processes and pain points
  • Blueprint with design and TO-BE processes validation
  • Agile SCRUM development mostly supported by our off-shore team
  • Migration of historical data of the last 8 years
  • Roll-out, trainings and technical support
Our solution is fully web based and allows users to work in parallel on the same cases. In addition, we designed our solution in order to be fully responsive and accessible via mobile devices or embedded into a mobile App.

Technical Team Lead, OpenWT


weeks project with 4 sprints


Of the project delivered off-shore


faster process

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