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Our client, a leading Swiss Insurance company has just framed its digital transformation for the online domain for the next 3 years and is questioning its delivery and sourcing model. Today, it relies on inhouse capabilities that have been built incrementally as online ideas emerged. The set-up of inhouse Agile teams in a monolithic IT landscape leads to various stakes: anticipation of technical constraints, duration of projects, maintenance of platforms, iterative delivery.

Toward a robust inhouse delivery and flexible sourcing model to reduce time to market and improve quality

First, OWT defined the to-be principles of the technological architecture for the Online domain based on the digital roadmap. The goal was to organize the content in a way it is more reliable and easier to change and maintain.
Then, we organized the delivery of the Online domain around the lifecycle of platforms so that projects and maintenance tasks coexist in a proper way. We complemented the Agile principles in place with three other principles: planning, control and commitment in order to improve the performance of the delivery. The goals were to: shorten project duration, target iterative release (MVP first), anticipate technical constraints, improve the backlog quality by framing the business needs better, plan and organize activities by platform.
To support this delivery model, we proposed four models of sourcing compliant with the IT strategy that support different needs: defining the ideal sourcing of the roadmap each year, adjusting the sourcing during the year due to hazards. We provided a decision-making framework to help our client to choose the right sourcing model.

Iterative journey

  • Understand the digital roadmap and frame the requirements
  • Derive the technological landscape
  • Deep dive on the current organization, delivery and sourcing
  • Define the delivery of the inhouse organization
  • Develop 4 sourcing models and a decision-making framework
  • Create a high-level roadmap to implement the recommendations


Actionable recommendations


Sourcing models


Transformation roadmap for 2020

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