An ambitious digital strategy required a review of the existing application ecosystem

Our client, a leading healthcare provider in Switzerland, had ambitious digitization goals to transform the experience of both its patients and partnering doctors. It was in the process of defining its digital strategy, but struggled to answer one key question: how could they open their application ecosystem to allow external services to patients and doctors?

Our client consulted us to review the existing ecosystem and define the required missing elements.

Aligning our client’s digital strategy with its application ecosystem

Considering the digitization goals and identifying additional needs from our client, we identified five new components which would respond to the needs and the overall digital strategy. These components reduced the number of interfaces, achieved higher security standards, and made the impact on existing application resources predictable and constant.

Defining an actionable roadmap to ensure efficient implementation

Additionally, we established a two-year roadmap that defined the main pillars of the new architecture to be implemented, including a list of immediate next steps, to ensure a clear view and an alignment on priorities.

A small team in close collaboration with our client’s key stakeholders defined the future architecture, roadmap and next steps within 6 weeks:

  • Document the current application architecture landscape (consisting of 150+ applications).
  • Understand the existing digital strategy and the needs for a future architecture at hand.
  • Define the needed components in the application architecture, considering the digitization goals.
  • Develop a roadmap to implement the application architecture, while considering our client’s ongoing projects.
Interviews held to identify requirements.
New components defined for the future application landscape.
Roadmap developed for the implementation of the architecture.

Jean-Luc Jaquier
Head of Marketing
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