Struggling to push a chatbot forward

Our client is one of the leading Swiss insurance companies in Switzerland. In 2016, driven by a strong will to innovate, they took the initiative to adopt a chatbot in the early stages of this technology, with the goal of addressing frequent questions on their website and reducing the volume of call center's inbound calls. This new mean of communication was promising, and their customers were satisfied. Inspired by this early success, our client decided to extend the scope of their chatbot but struggled to maintain its performance. They asked OWT to determine whether they should keep investing in chatbots and how to adapt their omnichannel strategy accordingly.

Meet users' expectations by transforming our client's omnichannel strategy with a true assistant chatbot

The market study conducted by OWT highlighted the fact that conversational UI is becoming the new way of communication between companies and customers. It is especially true in the insurance industry where touchpoints are rare, yet crucial. Using the knowledge from the market analysis and our study of the existing chatbot and its delivery model, we advised our client to keep investing in the chatbot technology and recommended to:

  • Improve the chatbot's current implementation through a series of actionable quick wins on user experience, on the performance of the Natural Language Understanding (NLU) model and on the continuous improvement methodology
  • Set up an omnichannel governance to ensure the success of the chatbot and its transformation into an assistant

Iterative journey

  • Perform a functional analysis of the existing chatbot to assess its current strengths and weaknesses
  • Interview the project's stakeholders to understand the organizational and technical challenges they faced while building their first chatbot
  • Conduct an extensive market study on conversational UI and on the client's competitors
  • Organize an ideation workshop to spark stakeholders' creativity and come up with high-value and innovative use cases and channels for the chatbot
  • Define recommendations to improve our client's chatbot and its integration to their omnichannel strategy


Quick wins to improve their chatbot


Use cases to target an assistant chatbot


Of today's calls could be handled by the chatbot

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