Our Client, a Swiss organization specialized in the certification of high-quality consumer products, was looking for a digital solution to manage their complex certification workflow.

The complete certification process lasting more than a week and including a large number of complex operations, our Client required a high quality integrated solution to properly manage the very high number of certifications issued per year. 

Open Web Technology raised to the challenge of creating and deploying such a platform and has been supporting our Client for many years maintaining and improving the platform with new functionalities.


Blueprint Phase

This first conceptual phase helped our Client understand their requirements and for us to understand their specific business, in order to create the best solution for them. At the time the main challenge was the synchronization of data among the multiple applications and over the three separate geographical sites. 

Development Phase

Once the concept of the platform was approved by our Client, we started a development phase that has lasted more than 4 years. Within this program, we have delivered more than 10 applications used by operators on-site to support their work. These applications are written in .NET technology and include web platforms, Web Services, WCF, Windows Service and Win forms application.

Support and evolution

Open Web Technology has continued supporting our Client on day-to-day operations and ensuring a smooth evolution of the platform, with new applications and processes required to keep the pace of the changing world of luxury goods.

Thanks to the work of our team at Open Web Technology, our Client has a powerful platform solution that allows them to keep the high level of quality required in their processes to issue the more than 1 million certifications per year.

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