Solving business hindrances created by repetitive manual tasks

Our client is a leading Swiss company in the energy sector selling a range of energy products and heating systems. The new objective of the company was to increase by ten times over the next 12 months the sales of a booming energy product line. By analyzing the sales process and business operations of our client, we realized that the sales team had issues increasing the number of sales per year due to numerous manual tasks coupled with technical hurdles created by their current software.

Mapping a new digital sales process

The major challenge of our client was to operationally handle more sales. Indeed, their process was suffering from major bottlenecks impacting their efficiency and competitiveness. The main bottleneck was created by their Customer Relationship Management integration with the other digital tools that the company was using. The integration created a lot of additional manual tasks such as creating twice the same meeting in different calendars. Due to those inefficiencies, the team already had reached their business «capacity» of their sales turnover. We focused on defining their new sales process supported by a custom digital solution. Our goal was to integrate the existing software and website into a platform, so the main sales activities were digitalized and centralized.

Increasing Time-to-market to 16 days and improving customers' journey

We provided a dedicated digital solution that included a website and a web application aiming at offering price estimations and generating offers for specific products. Concerning the website, the new solution allows the prospects to request a call or meeting appointment directly on the website. Additionally, the future customer can there request a price estimation by entering his information in a form. The prospect receives then his price estimation directly per email. All requests are registered in the Customer Relationship Management and made visible on a dashboard allowing the sales team to follow-up. The dashboard provides, therefore, a centralized tool for all the lead management, pre-sales, and sales activities, removing all unnecessary manual tasks and technical hurdles created by the old process. The new digital solution allows the sales team to be 80% faster (from 27 days to 5 days) from the lead generation to the proposal submission.

Instant delivery of quotes and offers through an app

Besides the dashboard for leads management, we developed a web application specifically for the salesman. Instead of driving to all his meetings with a piece of paper and a pen, the salesman, with a tablet, uses now the new application that helps him manage all his scheduled meetings of the day. The application can also be used as marketing tools for displaying images and videos to improve the customers' experience on-site. Lastly, the application can generate instantly an offer based on customers' information. The salesman simply inserts all the data he gathers during the meeting, and then sends per e-mail the offer drafted directly on-site with the customer.

Iterative Journey

  • Analysis of the internal sales processes to gather data from all the stakeholders
  • Identification of the pain points of the employees and the customers during the sales process
  • Creation of the interactive design of the new digital solution focusing on improving customers experience and time-to-market
  • Definition of the technical elements needed for the implementation of the new solution
  • Delivery of the new digital solution and the full development plan for its implementation


Days less to convert a lead into a customer


Centralized application for all sales activities


Reduction of time spent on sales tasks

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Cédric Debrunner
Head of Sales
Cédric has more than 25 years of experience in the ICT industry. He has built a specific acumen in driving and growing business development organisations to address multinational and large companies. The last 14 years, he actively participated to the business model transformation of Orange Business Services from a pure telecom player to a world leader in digital B2B and B2C consulting, solutions and services provider with a broad portfolio such as global IT infrastructures, IoT, omni-channel customer engagement, digital workplace, etc. Before joining Orange, Cédric worked for the Swiss IT manufacturer and solutions provider Ascom where he managed and developed the Suisse Romande region and then joined a start-up of the group to develop the Southern Europe countries. He started his career in a banking software company. Cédric holds a Master of Science from the Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) completed by a Program for Executive Development cursus at the IMD Business School of Lausanne. Innovation, challenges and customer satisfaction are guiding him.
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