An audit to assess technical choices

Our client offers an AI-powered platform that collects and analyzes data. They developed powerful algorithms to collect 10 to 100 times more relevant data than other big-data analytics platforms and provide high-value insights to their clients.
To enhance its consulting offering, our Client launched a SaaS platform that allows companies to access to various intelligence reports. The platform offers a remarkable technology, but as the user base was growing, our Client needed to be sure it can accept more clients and projects at the same time while computing fast results delivery. OWT was commissioned to audit the platform and set a path to ensure its scalability.

Highlighting opportunities through a detailed analysis

We analyzed the platform using our own adaptation of the Solution Architecture Review methodology, a dedicated framework for evaluating solution designs. This framework was applied to all major stages in the value chain supporting the solution architecture. Each stage was analyzed against given criteria aligned with the scope of the audit.
Our analysis highlighted some strengths in the technical choices of our Client, and more importantly, it showed several critical issues. Our methodology allowed us to classify the risks into three categories. The clear presentation of the results helped our Client understand what needed to be addressed and the priorities to set.
In the last stage of the project, we defined an actionable roadmap to implement our technical recommendation that would lead to measurable impact in the short term. Besides, we suggested an organization adjustment to efficiently orchestrate projects to come. Thanks to our insights, our Client has now all the tools and knowledge in his hands to refactor its platform and set it back to the success road.

Iterative journey

  • Interviews and working sessions with key stakeholders
  • Technical analysis to identify strengths and weaknesses of the platform
  • Feedback and validation sessions to identify next steps
  • Definition of a clear roadmap and a solid new organization


Criterias used to evaluate the platform


Critical issues identified


Items prioritized for immediate improvements

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