Optimization - A complex challenge for manufacturers

A leading provider of machinery to the packaging Industry has seeked our help to expand his lead into the domain of quality inspection equipment.

In the manufacturing world, large efforts are invested to improve productivity. The direct result being decreasing waste, and thus increasing the value-added ratio.

A key factor for our Client was the ease, speed and consistency of their new equipment. Our experts, during a Blueprint, were hence tasked with analyzing the process and applied lean thinking to produce solutions to best the competition.

Externalizing the machinery's setup to an online platform was found to provide most benefits and eliminate most waste.

OpenWT then succeeded in implementing the proposed change whilst integrating it into an existing company-wide recipe structure. The results were immediate, the equipment had reduced changeover times and the difficult quality setup task could be offloaded from the operators.

Cycle-time reduction due to optimization

  • Decrease changeover time,
  • Reduced complexity for the operator,
  • Simplified workflow,
  • Increased productivity,
  • Increased consistency and repeatability across equipment.

Iterative Journey

  • A Blueprint was successfully conducted in 4 weeks to identify key actions,
  • A proof-of-concept was elaborated,
  • A modern solution was developed in less than 3 months,
  • The solution is iteratively improved with our seasoned experts,
  • We enabled additional workflow optimization and automation to further decrease costs.


A sequence of operations to define production steps

We integrated the quality inspection tool within an existing production workflow. For simplified production organization and to be able to integrate with third party systems in a later stage (ERP). The routing sheet was implemented in a previous engagement by Open Web Technology for the clients’ digital vision (diversification).


Quality parameters tool

The page allows to set up the basic quality inspection parameters and enables to upload the design pdf that will be used for control and the detailed inspection setup.


Enhancing productivity by externalizing file management to the cloud

Detailed inspection setup on the cloud using state-of-the-art pdf library (SDK). This allows the externalization from the equipement to the cloud platform. The setup can be shared across equipments enabling reusability and increasing quality (repeatability).

30 %

Reduction of equipment stoppage time during changeover

20 %

Reduced complexity for operators


Paved the way for automation to further simplify the workflow

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