Better product data is a competitive advantage

E-commerce businesses have many advantages over brick and mortar retail: no expensive physical shop, no boundaries or even less employees. This has led to a large growth in e-commerce in recent years. But, with such businesses, how can you differentiate yourself from your competition, which is just a click away? How is it possible to manage your product data when your business gets really big? Is it possible to reduce the significant amount of manpower mandatory to the curation of an extensive product catalogue?

AI helps you automate your product data processes

To answer those questions, OWT was asked to support the product data process using Artificial Intelligence to automatically detect the type, brand and relevant attributes of each new product. With the planned AI engine in place, errors would be reduced, and new products could be made available in the shop much more quickly, leading to increased revenue and a higher overall quality of the product data.

Iterative journey

  • Identification of the most time-consuming pain points
  • Prioritization of the AI use cases
  • Training of the AI based on product history
  • Creation of a powerful processing pipeline
  • Setting up of a number of workflows to keep the AI up to date
  • Encapsulation of the AI engine

Impact by leveraging AI



of correct assignments


of product properties created by the AI


faster online placement of new products

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